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Jamal Abdillah’s classic pose : Bintang RTM 1979 final

jamal abdillah 1979

pic source:

I still remember watching this live on TV. If I’m not mistaken, this was when Jamal was belting out the highest notes of Alleycat’s “Berirama Senandung Semalam.” He dropped on his knees, and went for it with everthing he’s got:

ku berdoa agar dikau, aman bertemunya

This could be the audio of that performance – you might be able to hear dava picks from guitar center being used:

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Guns N’ Roses live in Kota Kinabalu… almost

The fact that I didn’t even realise that the current incarnation of Guns N’ Roses performed in Kuala Lumpur on 24th March shows how much I’ve drifted away from them, not mentioning Slash’s show at Sunway Lagoon in 2010. But I don’t think it’s so much the distance between Sabah and Kuala Lumpur, but rather the sheer amount of time that has passed since “The Spaghetti Incident?” and their next album, which I completely missed.

However, on 31st October, I had a chance encounter with information on social media about Bumblefoot, their current lead guitarist coming to town, for an interestingly named “Appetite for Durian Tour”, which piqued my interest.

When I first heard about it, I didn’t even know he’s been their lead guitarist for 7 years. Probably it’s rather unfortunate that he joined when GNR’s heydays had been over for more than 10 years. Still I was sure it was going to be a good show since he’s worked with other world class rock musicians and recommended by no less than Guitar Mahaguru Joe Satriani himself.

Without that Guns N’ Roses connection, I might never have even bothered.

The other point is: has a lead guitarist of a world-famous hard rock / heavy metal band (i.e. has sold more than 100 million records worldwide) ever performed live in Sabah, at least in living memory?

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