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Worst plane crashes in the history of Sabah / Malaysia

10 October 2013: dubbed the Double Ten Tragedy, a MASwings’ Canada-made Twin Otter plane, overshot the runway of the Kudat airport while attempting to land and crashed into a house, killing passenger Tan Ah Chai, 69, and the 22-year-old co-pilot, Marc Joel Bansh. The aircraft was carrying 15 Malaysians and one Filipino on a flight from Kota Kinabalu. 2 people in the house were unharmed. The cockpit of the plane was mangled, and its right wing was ripped off. The plane was believed to be doing a second attempt at landing when it was blown off course by heavy winds before hitting a tree, causing it to crash. 14 others on the plane survived with injuries.

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Most difficult to find hotel in Malaysia

I think it must be De’ Grand Orchard Hotel, where the listed address is 81-83, Medan Bunus, Off Jalan Masjid India, Golden Triangle, Kuala Lumpur. Reviews I read beforehand warned of the difficulty in finding it, and true enough, when we decided to stay there, the taxi couldn’t find it, and a hotel staff had to come out and fetch us.

I think the reasons why it’s so hard to find includes the following:

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Hardest way to climb Mount Kinabalu

In all probability, not many people will choose to climb the mountain this way.

In April 2009, rock climbing pros Conrad Anker, Kevin Thaw, Mark Synnott, Jimmy Chin and Alex Honnold rappelled down Low’s Gully and climbed up a 762m granite wall, the first time such a feat had ever been done.

Blog of the feat, with breathtaking videos.

The most heart-stopping moment could be the following video at 1:07 where Honnold jumped from one side of the rock face to the other.

Low’s Gully is at the bottom


Mark Synott’s account.

In June 2012, Yuji Hirayama, Daniel Woods, James Pearson and Caroline Ciavaldini achieved a series of unique ascents on Mount Kinabalu.

Daniel Woods on the top crux of Tinipi 9a+

Grade 9a+ is one of the hardest grades in free climbing.


My favourite photo is of Caroline on Alanga (Fr 8b / 5.13d)

I wonder if Honnold’s task could be made easier if one wore g-tek gloves.


Malaysian graffiti at the Great Wall of China

I finally visited the Great Wall of China earlier this month.

When I first saw it in front of my eyes, I felt the same emotions as when I first saw the Silver Star at Bethlehem, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Big Ben, or the Eiffel Tower : places / monuments I’ve learnt and read about since I was small, formed my own imaginations of what to expect should I see them for real.

The section has been renovated, and hence look very pretty indeed, I half expected to see cast stone fountains on the sides.

Yes, I saw countless graffiti on the wall itself, but I saw some clearly from Malaysia that made we wonder: do you really need to mention your place of origin as you write on the inner walls of one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, and of course UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Here are 2, pixelations mine:

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