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Deaths in the Moyog River

17 December 2013: Mohammad Hafiz Tussin, 19, at Kg Dambai. He was in a lorry which plunged into the river around 3.30am. The body was finally found on 9th January 2014.

17 September 2012: woman, 20s, near Kg Kodundungan, Jalan Terawi. She was found nude, stuck between the branches in the river, and believed to have been dead for 3 days before she was found. [Source]. As of November she was still unidentified.

30 August 2011: girl (foreigner), 10, at Kampung Pogunon, Jalan Tambunan. Said to have gone swimming an 11-year-old friend at 8am when she “faced difficulties.” The friend then went to call for help, and villagers found her body shortly, not far from where she went missing.

Mount Kinabalu climbing deaths

On 10th February 2014, Viktoria Paulsen (initial reports said Victoria Poulsen), 22 of Germany was descending from the summit when she apparently slipped on loose rocks and fell 30m down a steep granite slope around 6.30am.

On 16th August 2001, Ellie James, 17 of Britain missed a turning on the granite slope and got lost as the weather conditions deteriorated rapidly. She was found dead six days later.

On 22nd October 1988 (another report said 1989, and yet another said 1991), Ng Boon Heng, 26 and Lau King Thong, 34, from Sarawak were last seen during ascent at Sayat Sayat (3,810m). They were never seen again, and the search was called off in mid December 1988.

In April 1976 (another report said 1978), Ng Chong, a form five student (another report said he was 14) was last seen at Panar Laban. His body was never discovered – only a shoe was ever found.

It has also been reported that between 1969 and 1988, 2 other people have died on the mountain: one from exposure, the other of heart attack.

Another report said that in 1968, local climber John Chee died from exposure to cold after he lost his way in thick mist. His body was found the next day by Japanese climbers.

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Lowest ever temperature at the summit of Mount Kinabalu

It was reported in the Daily Express that the temperature atop the mountain (4,095m) dipped as low as -3C on 17th January 2014. According to, the wind speed than was 37kmh, humidity was 98% and it was cloudy. Perfect conditions for ice to form – in fact, ice was reported to have been spotted lower down at Panar Laban (3,314m), suggesting that basically the whole mountain was freezing cold at that time.

Daily Express, 24 January 2014

Worst plane crashes in Sabah’s history

10 October 2013: dubbed the Double Ten Tragedy, a MASwings’ Canada-made Twin Otter plane, overshot the runway of the Kudat airport while attempting to land and crashed into a house, killing passenger Tan Ah Chai, 69, and the 22-year-old co-pilot, Marc Joel Bansh. The aircraft was carrying 15 Malaysians and one Filipino on a flight from Kota Kinabalu. 2 people in the house were unharmed. The cockpit of the plane was mangled, and its right wing was ripped off. The plane was believed to be doing a second attempt at landing when it was blown off course by heavy winds before hitting a tree, causing it to crash. 14 others on the plane survived with injuries.

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