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Why I think straight-away brainstorming is bad

I scribbled this thought when I was waiting for a conference to start a few days ago. The initial seed was planted during an EQ training a few years ago in which the facilitator said: “most brainstorming sessions have a lot of storm, but very little brain.”

What I mean by straight-away brainstorming: after initial instructions, participants are required to participate in a brainstorming session straight away, without giving them a chance (and enough time) to think about the matter(s) being discussed first.

The session will tend to be dominated by strong-willed/aggressive individuals. Other participants, who haven’t had a chance to think deeply about the matter being discussed and haven’t formed their own opinions about it tend to be swayed or influenced easily and end up going along with the general consensus, when later they could’ve had different opinions. Hence, I would let participants go away and give them time (amount of time depends on complexity of subject, but a week should be plenty) to form their own ideas and set the foundation for discussion when all participants come together for a meeting.

Q: Why face to face meeting is still necessary, instead of just via letter/email/phone?

A: Action tend to be more urgently done if told face to face.

[originally posted 3 March 2007]

Tamparuli’s best restaurant: Wun Chiap: makes probably the best fried noodles in Sabah

Note: Before I start, I should clarify that this restaurant is of the non-halal category.

This mee Tuaran (fried mee) is the flagship product of this family run restaurant, located next to what was previously the Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) Tamparuli. Most of the time the restaurant is packed. When I do manage to get a seat, I see most people would order this succulent fried mee. Nobody makes them better than Wun Chiap Restaurant, a business which has been running for as long as I can remember.

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Christmas 2013 – New Year 2014

Early December

Christmas tree up. For those who say the tree has nothing to do with Christmas, consider the fact that it can also be found in the Vatican.

7th December

Totally missed the 20th August annual sale at KK Toys, blame it on the Metallica concert, so the shopping was done today. A plus point – no crazy crowd. And one potential gift caught my eye (we didn’t buy it).

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The problem with postpaid Digi Broadband

I started my postpaid Digi Broadband package sometime in late 2010. At first it’s OK-lah.

But in the past months I noticed that the speed has been getting worse and worse during peak hours, reminding me of my childhood turning these dished hand wheels after tapping rubber.

@DiGi_Telco, early mornings (like up to 10am) I can get up to 2Mbps, but come early evening it will be like this:

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This is Sabah

28th September: it all started with Ustaz Haji Bungsu @ Aziz Bin Haji Jaafar, the Sabah Mufti, who delivered a talk entitled “Krisis Kepimpinan Melayu: Nasib Melayu Di Tangan Siapa?” on this date at a symposium entitled “Mendepani Agenda Asing Melayu Dalam Krisis Kepimpinan”, where he apparently suggested that Muslim members of Sabah’s ethnic communities should call themselves Malay.

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1997 Proton Iswara Aeroback 1.3 reaches 400,000 km milestone

On reaching this milestone on 2nd (or 3rd) August 2013: thank you, my faithful servant, since 13th April 1997.

Probably one could say we have driven it to the ground, or milked it for all it was worth, or for me to have lived the adage of: the sole purpose of having a car is to bring you from point A to B.

To put this in perspective, this is equivalent to the distance to the MOON, or driving 10 times around the earth along the Equator. Yes, you read that right, lest you might need to shop for eyesight assistants at

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Probably the best Hari Raya Aidilfitri short film I have ever seen

The 5-minute video is about a primary school teacher who learnt life lessons from a poor student in his class. Yes, watching it WILL make you cry.

Plus points:

- made in Sabah
- zero production cost
- edited with Microsoft Movie Maker, probably even on a slow pc

Minus points:

- the teacher did not wear a helmet while riding his motorcycle!

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