Worst ever typo on a government-related billboard in Malaysia

The Facebook group Tawau posted the following photograph on 28th December 2013. Apparently the photo was taken the afternoon of the same day, located near the roundabout of Tawau Sports Complex, and that the billboard had been there for about a week.

Worst ever typo in Sabah government related billboard

If proven to be authentic, this could be the government-related billboard with the most number of typographical errors in Malaysia’s history.

List of errors:

- “Hari Natal” should be followed by “2013″
- wrong spelling of the Chief Minister’s title: “Pangilima” should be “Panglima”
- incomplete name of the Chief Minister; only his father’s name was printed
- the bottom part of the billboard features photos of state cabinet ministers, but a photo of the State Community Development and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Jainab Ahmad is not there
- “Menteri-menter” should be “Menteri-menteri”

Anyway the billboard has reportedy since then been taken down, replaced, and the designer has apologised for the mistake.


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