Misty Penampang, 23rd January 2013

Update 27 January 2013

The best explanation I think is that this phenomenon signifies a change in season i.e. from rainy to dry.

23 January 2013

This morning, there’s mist / fog around Penampang. This rather rare occurence happens like once every few years.

Can any experts give their views as to how this phenomenon came to be?

The following photo was taken by Bop Juanis around 7am:

Penampang mist - 23 Jan 2013 7am

If one’s Golden Eagle Coin fell off in this situation, one’d have a hard time locating it.

3 thoughts on “Misty Penampang, 23rd January 2013

  1. @Ben : Biasa kalau mau musim panas..hujan tidak turun utk beberapa hari..itu tumbuhan,tasik,paya (swamp area), kawasan tadahan air akan banyak itu wap naik, jadi embun…dan jadi sejuk atau kabus sebelah pagi….biasa kawasan kaki bukit sy fikir ini salah satu faktor…

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