Christmas 2012 – New Year 2013

20th August

Annual sale at KK Toys – Christmas presents shopping for the kids.

Early December

Christmas tree up, this time with a better-looking crib Jane brought from the Philippines the month before:

christmas tree crib and presents

Kids didn’t want to brave the crowds at Gaya Street Christmas Carnival (12-15 December) this time.

Christmas Eve

I elected to go to work today – Christians allowed to go home at 3pm. Went to Holy Nativity Church, Terawi for Christmas Eve mass (8 pm), and enjoyed a celestial wonder too.

We learnt our lesson from last year well – have dinner first, so the crib visit, conveniently located outside, near to where we were sitting, was possible.

Aiai Ethan - Christmas Eve 2012 - Holy Nativity Church Terawi 500

Christmas Day

Present opening in the morning – as usual, the smallest gets the most presents.

opening presents - christmas day

Now is there a rear bike rack somewhere there?

In the afternoon, attended the 3G Christmas Party in Tamparuli. Had time to feed the deer:

Feeding deer

Also spent some time at the kampung home.

26th December

Did the family tradition routine – visited 1Borneo, the mall with the perhaps the best Christmas decorations in the city, for photos, Boo Boo Land and some back-to-school shopping.

1Borneo Christmas 2012

27th December

At the beach for some good rollicking in the water, kite-flying and seriously jaw-dropping sunset photography:

Tanjung Aru beach sunset

28th December

Mega back to school shopping. In evening, attended a charity dinner, followed by an end-of-project party.

29th December

More back to school shopping. Cut Ethan’s hair.

30th December

Even more back to school shopping.

31st December

New Year’s Eve celebration at home.

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