Mount Kinabalu Climbathon 2012 (14th October 2012)

‎3-time Skyrunner World Series champion Kilian Jornet Burgada, 25 wins the Kinabalu Climbathon for the 4th time: his 2:11:42 time was 3 minutes+ faster than the nearest challenger. Interestingly, he said the new route is “not challenging enough.”

Faizal Heesyam commented:

I agree.. The mesilau route is more like a peace pathways.. They should revert back to running till low’s peak instead of reaching halfways and run down the sceneric path to mesilau.. Of maybe the other way around, start from mesilau, run till low’s peak, then go down to timpohon… That would be a killer. But mesilau resort starting gate couldnt cater so many climbers at one time….

Top finishers

1 Kilian Jornet Burgada (Spain) 2:11:45
2 Aite Tamang (Nepal) 2:13:11
3 Toru Miyhara (Japan) 2:15:14
4 Tom Owens (Great Britain) 2:16:07
5 Luis Hernando Alzaga (Spain) 2:17:25
6 Hom Lal Shrestha (Nepal) 2:20:43
7 Mohd Temam Husien (Ethiopia) 2:22:16
8 Dani Cara (Spain) 2:23:09
9 Eric Diaz (Spain) 2:25:03
10 Dai Matsumoto (Japan) 2:26:52
12 Fabian Osmond Daimon (Malaysia) 2:32:12, the best Malaysian finisher of the whole Climbathon
13 Safrey Sumping (Malaysia) 2:34:17
14 Daved Simpat (Malaysia) 2:35:56
16 Ruston Masri (Malaysia) 2:39:25
20 Safree Sabdin (Malaysia) 2:44:09

Burgada with Sabah’s local hero Fabian Osmond Daimon

Kilian Jornet Burgada & Fabian Osmond Daimon
[Photo credit: Fabian Osmond Daimon]

1 Emelie Forsberg (Sweden) 2:38:35
2 Blanca Serrano
3 Nuria Picas
4 Nuria Dominguez
5 Silvia Serafini
7 Danny Kuilin Gongot (Malaysia) 3:17:03, the best Malaysian finisher

Men’s Veteran
1 Guianus Salagan (Malaysia) 2:40:19
2 Yusof Simbat (Malaysia) 2:40:43
3 Madamin Gihun (Malaysia) 2:55:02
4 Setibin Kelaward (Malaysia) 2:55:32
5 Mius Belinting (Malaysia) 2:56:45
15 Ahmadul Tahir (Malaysia) 3:20:06

Women’s Veteran
1 Deborah Chinn (USA) 3:30:26
2 Kona Liau (Malaysia) 3:35:30
3 Somilin Longik (Malaysia) 3:50:27
21 Mary Angela Sipaun (Malaysia) 6:07:55
22 Dr Helen Lasimbang (Malaysia) 6:09:38

Indeed it’s not about the money, for basically you get peanuts if you finish outside the top 10.

Full results

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