Sabah’s Ministry of Finance Sports Carnival 2012

Futsal – valiant effort, but no medals

Carrom - ditto

Badminton - 28-29 September 2012

1st round: 5-0 Desa Plus, 4-1 SDB
Quarterfinals: 3-2 SDB (yes, we faced them again due to a quirk in the rules)
Semifinals: 3-2 Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC)
Final: 2-3 MOF (although technically I think it should’ve been 1-3, as we’ve already lost the officers’, women’s doubles and veteran’s categories when the mixed doubles match was being played, hence that could’ve affected the outcome [we won that match 2-1]. The open category was thus not played.)

Therefore, this was an improvement on 2010 when we won bronze. If I remember correctly, JPKN’s record in MOF Sports Carnival (badminton): 2010 – bronze; 2008 – bronze; 2006 – silver.

My observations during the JPKN vs MOF final:

- officers’ category: we are not too far behind: but then the hard part is: need to start to have a regular training regimen;
- veterans’ category: very tough: MOF have 2 extremely good veterans: Alex/Kassim simply couldn’t match their accuracy, speed, aggression;
- mixed doubles’ category: 50-50, as I mentioned earlier, we won that match 2-1 (Yussop/Jennifer) but the MOF pair already knew that they’d won the gold medal anyway;
- women’s doubles category: another very tough category: unless we can find a way to contain the top female player in MOF, there’s no way we’re going to win this category;
- open category: I think we’re slightly behind; however, on a plus point, we have a pool of good young players, so the future looks bright, we need to build on big-match temperament.

Warisan Harta won bronze when they beat SCC.

MOF as usual blanked everybody on their way to the final.

Bowling - 7th October 2012

JPKN came good this time, winning gold: David, Ridzuan (also scored highest), Durahman (surely his last participation, as he clocked out for the last time on Friday – due for retirement), Justina.


We failed to get to the podium this time (last time it was gold).

Ping pong (table tennis)

Bronze (last time it was silver). Beat SCC 3-1, then lost to perennial powerhouses MOF 0-3 & Warisan Harta (Borneo Housing) 0-3, then defeated Yayasan Usaha Maju (YUM) 4-0 to snatch bronze. In the final, Warisan Harta overwhelmed MOF 3-0, the most interesting match being the veterans’ category which was a closely fought 3-2.


Silver, narrowly lost 2-3 to Warisan Harta in the final.

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  1. @BEBEK:
    - nanti semua orang komplen!
    - nanti orang lain ambil pula Lin Dan!
    - tidak mampu bayar “appearance fee”

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