Malaysians who have topped an Asian level singing contest or award

Updated 9 Dec 2012

Shila Amzah has been nominated for World’s Best Female Artist Award at the 2012 World Music Awards, competing against the likes of Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Adele, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Shakira, Rhianna & Britney Spears – is this unprecedented? Have even Sudirman & Siti Nurhaliza reached ever this level?


24 Sept 2012

How do you win a continental-level reality singing contest held in Shanghai, where most of the audience and judges are Chinese?

On ‎20th September 2012, Shila Amzah, 22 (from Malaysia of course) won Asian Wave 2012, billed as the first Asian level (continental level) reality singing contest.

She sang her first 2 songs in Bahasa Malaysia and English competently enough, but to finally clinch it, her final song just had to be in Mandarin, and had to be sung well. What happened next is history.

YouTube Preview Image

The panel of judges, comprising some of the region’s top artistes, gave her a standing ovation.

At the end, I suppose Jamal Abdillah’s 1979 Bintang RTM Final winning kneel just had to be copied.

Cantopop legend Alan Tam handed her the trophy.

Has any other Malaysian topped an Asian level popular singing contest or award, apart from Shila Amzah, Sudirman and Siti Nurhaliza?

If I remember correctly, like many nowadays, Shila started off at youtube – she’s truly someone who has purchased things like Ashdown Amplifiers at musicians friend.

Still, I wonder why the competition didn’t have representative from the Philippines or Indonesia – these 2 countries have fantastic singers.

Of course we won’t go as far as Asians at world level, because Freddie Mercury’s waiting there.

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