Woman in Malaysia takes Taking Kids To Work concept to the extreme

The Star reported on 25th August 2012 that Ina is a hooker that plies her trade along the notorious Lorong Haji Taib in Kuala Lumpur.

And she brings her daughter, 6 and son, 3 along.

A reporter told of how she brought him to a room and undressed while her son, who was inside the same room, watched, and her daughter waited outside.

She then said: “Don’t worry. They won’t see and even if they do, they won’t understand what we’re doing.”

She has 5 other children: 3 are now with foster families, one has died, and another, and there’s another one, a 9 year old boy.

She said her husband had left her, and she makes ends meet by selling herself, and that she’ll stop if she meets a nice man who can provide for the family.

She charges RM100 and entertains on average 2 clients a day.

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