Sabah’s most talented songwriting family

I think surely it’s the Mojilis family. While their best work was in the 1960s and 1970s, I believe members of their family are still active even today. If there’s a Sabahan family so musical that akai mpk49s could be found at their homes, this family must be it.

Here’s a list of their most well-known songs. Yes, I know, there’s much more than this pitiful list – if you are so kind, please help me lengthen it. TIA.

Frederica Mojilis – Mugad Mongomot. Music: Albert Mojilis, lyrics: Wilfred Mojilis.

Frederica Mojilis – Nokoikot Noh Monombuhui.

Rita Mojilis – Poimizo Zou (new version). Music: Albert Mojilis, lyrics: Wilfred Mojilis.

Rita Mojilis – Iziau No Oh Kahansanan & Simpulan Kudi Tinandai.

Fredoline Mojilis & Frederica Mojilis – Noduanan Minakan. Songwriter: Frederica Mojilis.

Aloysius Mojilis – Hangadon Zou Diau

Aloysius Mojilis – Oi Maria

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