Pandelela Rinong on Question Time, Yahoo! Malaysia, 16th August 2012

Some memorable questions and her answers:

navis: did our CM, Taib ring personally to congratulate you?
Pandelela: no. must be busy i think :( but its ok

Peter: hi pandelela…r u still single?
Pandelela: no and yes,huahuahua

mingxhin: What was going through your mind up on the platform during your last dive?
Pandelela: just said to myself :”1,2,3 jump”!

KL man: Hi Pandalela, u ni single lagi ke? i nak ajak u blind date mlm ni boleh tak?
Pandelela: sorry hari ni saya busy

Guest: can i hve your winning bikini??huhu
Pandelela: i dont have bikini only swimsuit but bayar laa!!! just joking,hehehe

aliek: why when i dive 10m it always my legs dive first?
Pandelela: because u not aiming properly and not learn diving yet

anon: pandelela have u heard about johari pain? any “wisdom words” for him? (:
Pandelela: yes,he very famous,hehe… just be careful next time and think through brain,hahaha

Guest: what do u think Chen Roulin have, that you don’t? That you want to improve in order to be perfect and lead?
Pandelela: she is a full time athlete while im training while studying. she has a very very strict coach while my coach is more gentleman,huhu… keep training hard

Wangdu: will you marry me?
Pandelela: YES IN the SIMS. be my neighbour!!

Haha, perhaps somebody should’ve asked her serious questions like which does she think is the best creatine for athletes.

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