How to fix TM (Telekom Malaysia) fixed telephone line issue

My recent experience:

My fixed line phone at home had no dialtone.

On morning of 24 July 2012, I dialed 100 – no human on the other line – just keyed in all necessary info. Need to ensure your mobile phone contact is the same as the one registered with them, otherwise report won’t be accepted.

Given a ref number, and the bot said TM will get back to me within 24 hours.

25 Jul 2012, 12.48pm (the next day): received SMS from 62100: We have created a technical report. Yr ref no is XXXX. Our technician will contact u within 24 hours to arrange for repair.

Around 3pm the same day, a technician called my mobile phone using my home phone number. Apparently he’s calling from a telephone exchange. Within a few minutes, another technician called my fixed line – proving that the problem has been fixed. He said the problem was caused by a loose cable somewhere outside my house.

At 4.23pm the same day, received SMS from 62100: We confirmed that yr enquiry ref xxxx has been received/resolved. Pls call 100 if you need assistance.

Well done TM.

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