Orographic cloud around the peak of Mount Kinabalu

Updated 13 Jun 2013

The following pic I took myself on 13 June 2013, 11.09am, from Penampang, with a cameraphone.

kinabalu orographic cloud 1 600px 13 Jun 2013 - 1106

2 July 2012

On 20th June 2012, GarScott Methodius shared a photo of Mount Kinabalu with a rarely seen, amazing cloud around the peak, as rare as finding dried lavender bunches being sold at the Kundasang market.

The cloud looks like the traditional Kadazan/Dusun “sirung” (headgear) being “worn” by the mountain.

Apparently the cloud is called an orographic cloud, dangerous to planes.

Orographic cloud Mt Kinabalu

He mentioned that the photo was taken at dawn by one “Twopuk Roland” in Kundasang, Ranau.


2 thoughts on “Orographic cloud around the peak of Mount Kinabalu

  1. Whoever claimed that this pic was taken at Kundasang is not telling the truth. This was taken at Kg. Melangkap Baru, Kota Belud. I know because I live there. Please get your fact right.

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