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How to fix TM (Telekom Malaysia) fixed telephone line issue

My recent experience:

My fixed line phone at home had no dialtone.

On morning of 24 July 2012, I dialed 100 – no human on the other line – just keyed in all necessary info. Need to ensure your mobile phone contact is the same as the one registered with them, otherwise report won’t be accepted.

Given a ref number, and the bot said TM will get back to me within 24 hours.

25 Jul 2012, 12.48pm (the next day): received SMS from 62100: We have created a technical report. Yr ref no is XXXX. Our technician will contact u within 24 hours to arrange for repair.

Around 3pm the same day, a technician called my mobile phone using my home phone number. Apparently he’s calling from a telephone exchange. Within a few minutes, another technician called my fixed line – proving that the problem has been fixed. He said the problem was caused by a loose cable somewhere outside my house.

At 4.23pm the same day, received SMS from 62100: We confirmed that yr enquiry ref xxxx has been received/resolved. Pls call 100 if you need assistance.

Well done TM.

The highlight of Sabah International Folklore Festival (SIFF) 2012

Every year the Sabah Cultural Centre in Penampang turns in an international extravaganza, complete with a transformation of the building, boasting a myriad of colours; I might even have seen water features installed at the front.

This year, Harrington Gaso of Papua New Guinea stole the show.

[Photo credit: SIFF Facebook page]

I was informed that on the evening of the 14th he was murmuring something (presumably in his native tongue), then suddenly shouted “ARAMAI TII”.

Then the next day, the finale, it was “INI KALI LAH”, to the utter bemusement of the audience which included VVIPs.

That’s not mentioning him seriously delaying the show that the organisers had to ask him to end his performance.

Daily Express later published an article which clarified that Harrington had learnt a few Sabahan phrases from an unidentified Sabah Tourism liaison officer, including “Ini Kali Lah”, but he had forgotten the actual meaning, or that it had a mildly sensitive political connotation.

Sabah Selection vs QPR, 17th July 2012

Updated 25 Nov 2012

QPR’s 13th league game ended in a 1-3 defeat at Man Utd.

Their record now stands at 13-0-4-9, the worst Premier League start any side has made after 13 games.

Updated 24 Nov 2012

Immediately after the match against Southampton, Tony Fernandes tweeted twice, first:

I feel gutted. I have put my heart and soul into this with my other shareholders. And done all we can to give support to players and all management. I can only apologise to the QPR fans. we keep fighting.

Then secondly:

Let me tell you Fans come first. Everyone including me let the fans down. Many of us need a hard look at themselves. QPR has amazing fans. They deserve better.

About 6 days later, the gaffer fired.


Roberto Di Matteo:
- 4 March 2012: following dismissal of Villas-Boas, became interim first-team coach (manager?) of Chelsea
- 5 May 2012: Chelsea win FA Cup
- 19 May 2012: Chelsea win Champions League
- 13 June 2012: officially appointed manager
- 21 November 2012: sacked.

Di Matteo had lasted just 8 months as manager despite winning 2 major trophies.

Mark Hughes:
- 10 January 2012: officially appointed manager of QPR
- 23 November 2012: sacked.

That means Mark Hughes outlasted Roberto Di Matteo as an EPL manager, despite winning zero trophies. At the time of his sacking, QPR is the only club without a win in all four professional divisions in England.

Updated 18 Nov 2012

Before crunch match against Southampton at home, Tony tweeted:

We got to cut out errors. One error cost us and we got to take our chances. Team played as planned. Must win next win. No panic. Table is compressed. Defense was awful now fairly solid. Midfield strong. Got to score now.

QPR lost the match 1-3.

Updated 1 Sep 2012

On 18th August, while following QPR’s first EPL match against Swansea, I had a feeling the result might end up with the same score as its match with Sabah & Kelantan.

Before the match:

@IJTaylor81 One final prediction … #QPR fans will be the best in the league (again!) and Loftus Road will be a fortress. #12thManFactor #QPR”

I went out after the 3rd goal – when I came back the match was over and the score – déjà vu, was QPR 0-5 Swansea. At home.

Selected followup tweets:

@tonyfernandes That was a pretty poor anniversary. Worse than last season. But I remain positive.”

@tonyfernandes We haven’t jelled yet. Have faith and be optimistic.

@tonyfernandes There are some positives. Ji was great. Hoillet looked good. We dominaited (sic) the first half. I don’t honestly feel that bad. But 5 0 is 5 0. Body punch and I’m still fat.

@tonyfernandes Defense was very poor today. No excuses. But this is a far better place we are in than last season at bolton.

@IJTaylor81 Its amazing how drinks with loved ones and friends makes you feel better. Could be worse I guess. Long way to go #MarathonNotASprint


Updated 20th July 2012

After Sabah Selection, QPR played Kelantan tonight at Shah Alam Stadium.

Crowd: about 31K; so in a stadium that can fit 80K, it seemed rather empty.

QPR’s home stadium can fit 18K.

Kelantan is the best football club in Malaysia, Super League 2012 champions & some claim to be ranked 168th in the world.

Of course Kelantan looked better and sharper than Sabah Selection, yet still lost by exactly the same score, 0-5.

Sabahans were more fortunate – at least we saw Park Ji-Sung play for 45 minutes at Likas Stadium. He didn’t play at all in KL. Mark Hughes was quoted to have said that Park picked up an ankle injury in the first game and was rested as a precaution.

Has he ever played in Malaysia before the Sabah date? I didn’t see his name in Manchester United’s teamlists during their 2009 Malaysian tour.

Updated 19th July 2012

QPR has come and gone – they might never come back, but the following tweet on 15th July summarised what they thought about Sabah in general:

@IJTaylor81 3 days on tour and we’ve hardly paused for breath! Amazing experience, great people and unreal reception from the locals #QPR #AsiaTour

Ian Taylor is QPR’s Press, PR & Publications Manager

Well done, keep it up Sabah!


Updated 18 July 2012

Match highlights

Crowd: about 20,000. QPR media used about 4 laptops: video streaming, updating twitter, website etc. But apparently the live streaming didn’t work out.

Gulf in class apparent. QPR seemed to playing at half speed in the first half, only changing to a higher gear in the 2nd half. QPR keeper was never troubled, only made one or two easy saves. The score could easily have been in double figures.

Best comments heard:

- When Titus Bonai went down: “Oi Drogba, jatuh!”
- On the 65th: “OK lah, kasi masuk Torres”
- As Sabah Selection’s goalkeeper was being substituted in the second half: “Dia pindik sebab angkat gatah baitu”
- As Sabah Selection players walked in to warm up next to six QPR players on the pitch: “Alamak macam budak sikulah saja ni pemain Sabah”
- As some spectators were exiting before the end: “Jangan dulu pigi putung gatah bah.. masih ada 10 minit.”

The insults against the Sabah Selection players grew louder as time went on, as fans grew frustrated at stray passes, errors under pressure, etc.

Sabah Selection’s no.30 came in, had one touch, and less than 10 seconds later the match ended, upon which he raised up his hands, as if asking: “why the heck did the coach ask me to go in anyway?”

Some of the QPR players were so big and tall that some of the Sabah Selection’s players looked like 3 times smaller and only up to their waists.

With 10 minutes remaining, people were already streaming out.

Cheerleaders’ show on halftime: near accident when they did the pyramid thingy.

The press conference with Mark Hughes and a stern-looking man introducing by snapping “make it quick, we need to get back to the hotel quickly” lasted about 5 minutes.

Hughes said “I think it’s only right that I make Park the captain tonight, but he won’t necessarily be the captain in the new season.”

Updated 16 July 2012

14th July

About 1pm, arrived from Hong Kong to KKIA2 to great fanfare.

YouTube Preview Image

I love that Sabahan war dance performance, especially when the dancer went closest to the players :-)

Evening: private dinner with Sabah FA

15th July

8am: gym

1pm: press conference, Magellan Sutera. Apparently a fan gave Park Ji-Sung a Manchester United jersey to sign, to which he refused. It seems that Jamie Mackie & Clint Hill were the only players present during the actual PC. Mackie scored QPR’s second goal in that epic final EPL match against Manchester City, which at any other time would’ve ensured that United become league champions again.

4pm: training session at UMS

16th July

8am: gym

1.30pm: press conference with Park Ji-Sung & Mark Hughes at Magellan Sutera

Afternoon: Michael Docherty, Nedum Onuoha and Max Ehmer visited SMK Putatan, even played barefooted 3 vs 3 match with students.

4pm: training session at UMS

17th July

8.15pm: the match, which ended with a 5-0 victory for the visitors. Unfortunately it coincided with an away Super League match of the state team. Therefore not a single state team would play in this match. For the record, the state team lost 0-1 in a playoff, meaning they are relegated to the second tier league.

18th July

morning: off to KL to prepare for the next match on 20th.


QPR is probably the third European professional football team to play in Sabah since:
- Sabah Selection vs Manchester United in the same stadium in 1980. Mokhtar Dahari also played. That match ended in a 2-0 victory for the visitors.
- Borneo Selection (Sabah & Sarawak) vs Sheffield United in 1983.

Khalil Afandi Hamid, first intruder shot dead in Putrajaya, 9th July 2012

Putrajaya became Malaysia’s administrative centre in 1998.

Dubbed “Blogger Gila” and “Kamikaze Couple.”

Happened around 2.30pm on 9th July 2012 and rampage lasted for 20 minutes.

3 shots can be heard starting 0:30

YouTube Preview Image


Khalil Afandi Abd Hamid, 47, married with 1 child, unemployed (he wrote: for 8 years already), died around 3pm. Had wanted to overthrow the government since March 2011. Told his wife that he is Imam Mahadi. Created a blog in September 2010 entitled “Gila Apa Manusia“, has no entries, only contains a shirtless photo of himself. In another blog entitled Jaya Negara, which he created in May 2012, he was much more active, with 17 posts in June 2012, the first post on 4th June, and last post on 30th June. In the About Me section he wrote “Hidup ini bukan untuk diANJINGkan bagai Polis Diraja M’sia dan Tentera.” What he commented in a blogpost of his female companion’s younger sister on 3rd March 2012 summarised his worldview:

Aku akan bicara secara bersemuka pada pemerintah ataupun sesiapa. Tidak ku peduli nak jadi apa.. Aku akan usaha sampai berjaya. Gila apa manusia. Tidak aku sombong …. tidak juga bangga… aku juga manusia biasa. Diusia muda tatkala aku tak kenal aku ini siapa…. kamu penguasa negara hanya mampu membiarkan saja…. kupukul sesiapa ku suka tak ku peduli Neraka. Kini diusia tua 47 tahun umurku… sudah aku kenal aku ini siapa… aku adalah Raja Dunia. Diam semua kamu! Tatkala aku bicara.. hidup kamu ini untuk apa. Susah sengsara manusia kamu biarkan saja….. kamu semua memang celaka. Hormat lah kamu pada Raja…. aku peduli apa. Aku datang merampas singgahsana… turun kamu Sultan Gila dari tahta… kini aku nak ambil alih kuasa. Saat dan tika sempadan takdir dari PEMUNYA… aku pasti datang meregut kuasa dari jantung-jantung setiap yang bernama Raja. Ikut aku atau kubunuh semua… aku tak peduli kamu siapa…. Kerana apa? Aku adalah Raja Dunia anugerah dari Allah Tuhan ku.

He last interacted with his blog on 3rd July as a reply to a comment from “Gila Manusia” / “Dhada” who most likely is the woman who accompanied him on that fateful afternoon:

Dhada yang budiman, manusia ini punya kekuatan yang sangat-sangat hebat. Mari kita belajar apa itu Kun Faya kun yg sebenarnya…KUN FAYA KUN…. ini anugerah dari Allah untuk Aku. Cuma aku….. fahamkan ayat yang kutulis ini. Aduh! bergetar tubuh badan aku untuk beritahu Kun Faya kun anugerah cuma untuk aku. Demi Allah.

Has Facebook accounts Khalil Afandi and Jaya Negara. Handphone number: 01116342016, IC number: 650724106631.

Muhdalena Ahmad, 28, a mother of 2 small children (1 and 2 years old), graduate of Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIA) where she did Comparative Religion, IC number: 840627105642. Her husband said she was influenced by Khalil’s blog. 2 days before the incident she moved her children to her parent’s house, saying “she’ll be busy for a few days”. Has a Facebook account with her real name as part of the URL and, ominously “Daleane Hada” as the user name displayed.

Khalil and Muhdalena are friends, they are married to other people, it was reported that they have apparently known each other only for a week before the incident, but judging from her response to his blogpost on 4th June 2012, most likely they’ve known each other for longer.

Khalil initially wore a green jacket but then took it off when he went on his rampage. He might even have carried leather briefcases for men on the way.

Police said they were dropped off at the building by someone else.

Various online sources – news portals, blogs, forums

Most honest person in Malaysia

It was reported in local newspapers in Sabah on 9th July 2012 that Bahar Rauf, 55, a lorry driver in Tawau found, on 6th July 2012 (Friday), RM133,300 in cash in a discarded box. On the same day, he gave it to police, who returned it to the owner.

By any measure, that’s an astounding display of honesty.

The only equivalent I can think of in comparison is Ghazi Adra, 68, a factory worker in Sydney who found USD50,000 in cash left on a train. It was more money than he earned in a year, yet he handed it straight to police.

State of Malaysian tennis

Updated 27 January 2013

Novak Djokovic wins the Australian Open: USD2,430,000, equivalent to RM7.4 million.

13th January 2013: Lee Chong Wei wins the Korean Open, currently the badminton tournament with the world’s biggest prize money: USD75,000, equivalent to RM228,000.

Shouldn’t this, and Li Na proving that Asians can compete with mat salehs at tennis, at the highest level, turn the tables against badminton?

6th July 2012

While Malaysia’s doing quite well in the racket sports of squash and badminton, it’s a rather different story in the most lucrative racket sports of them all: tennis. In fact, interest is apparently dwindling: saying Malaysians are good at tennis is like saying they are as good as Cuba at making box cigars. I have seen tennis courts being turned into car parks and futsal arenas.

As comparison:
- Malaysian Open 2012 tennis tournament, part of the ATP World Tour 250 series of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) World Tour. The 250 series is the lowest tier of events on the tour, after the four Grand Slam tournaments, the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 and the ATP World Tour 500 series. Yet, the total prize money offered is USD850K (another report said more than USD900K). The men’s singles winner gets about USD150,000.
- Malaysian Open 2011 badminton tournament, part of the BWF Super Series tournament, the second tier of events on the tour behind the Premier Series. Total prize money: USD400K
- Men’s singles winner’s prize money: Badminton: All-England 2011: RM80K; Tennis: All-England (Wimbledon) 2011: RM5.2 million

At the time of writing, there is no Malaysian player ranked in the top 1,000 of the ATP rankings.

The best tennis players Malaysia has ever produced are:


Adam Malik (born 1967), the first Malaysian tennis player to turn professional (in 1988), reached no. 436 in 1995 (singles) and number 122 in doubles in 1994. With partner Jeff Tarango (USA), he reached the first round of the 1995 Australian Open doubles, where they lost to the Jon Ireland (Australia) & Libor Pimek (Belgium) combination 1-6, 6-4, 7-9. Strangely, this match is recorded in ATP World Tour’s archives, but not in the Australian Open archives. So Adam Malik is probably the first and only Malaysian to ever play in the main draw of a Grand Slam.

His highest profile matches include:

1995: Kuala Lumpur ATP event: Round of 32: lost to Richard Krajicek, ranked no.13, 6-7, 4-6. This is probably the highest ranked player a Malaysian has ever played in a competitive match. The next year Krajicek won Wimbledon, and reached no.4 in 1999.

1994: Kuala Lumpur ATP event: Quarterfinals: lost to Jacco Eltingh, ranked no. 39, 3-6, 2-6. By the next year Eltingh would be ranked no.19. He has reached the quarterfinals of the Australian Open and Wimbledon. This is probably the furthest any Malaysian has ever reached in a top level professional tennis tournament.

1993: Kuala Lumpur ATP event: Round of 32: lost to Fabrice Santoro, then ranked no. 43, 5-7, 6-7. By 2001 Santoro would be ranked no.17 and reach the third round of all the Slams.

1991: Hong Kong ATP event: Round of 32: lost to Greg Rusedski, then 18 & ranked no. 402, 5-7, 3-6. By 1997 Rusedski would be ranked no.4 and reach the final of the US Open.

V. Selvam (born 1969), who reached no. 424 in 1994.

R. Ramachandran (born 1970), who reached no. 876 in 1993.


Khoo Chin Bee (born 1977), who reached no. 329 in 2004 (singles) and number 221 in doubles in the same year (another report says no. 343 in 2003 (singles) and no. 291 in 2003 (doubles)).

When will we see a Malaysian in the main draw of a Grand Slam singles tournament?

First Malaysian footballer to play in a top tier of a European league

On 21st May 2012, midfielder Nazmi Faiz Mansor (born August 1994, Kuala Lumpur) signed a 3 year contract with Sport Clube Beira-Mar (S.C. Beira-Mar), a Portuguese first division football club.

No other Malaysian has ever reached this level, not Akmal Rizal, Safee Sali, Irwan Fadzli Idrus or Titus James Palani.

His achievement earned him praises from José Mourinho.

Even legend Eusébio played there, albeit towards the end of his career in the mid 1970s.

As of June 2012, UEFA ranked Portugal’s Primeira Liga the fifth strongest league in Europe, after the English Premier League, Spanish Primera Liga, German Bundesliga and Italian Serie A. That means it’s ranked higher than the French Ligue 1 and the Dutch Football League!

Come August, surely Malaysians would want to see how he fares with giants Porto FC, Sporting Lisbon and of course Benfica.

The club has struggled in recent years, relegated twice and finishing no higher than 11th in the top league.

Nazmi reputedly will be paid the equivalent of RM300,000 a month, more than 3 times what Safee Sali is earning at Pelita Jaya FC in Indonesia.

Orographic cloud around the peak of Mount Kinabalu

Updated 13 Jun 2013

The following pic I took myself on 13 June 2013, 11.09am, from Penampang, with a cameraphone.

kinabalu orographic cloud 1 600px 13 Jun 2013 - 1106

2 July 2012

On 20th June 2012, GarScott Methodius shared a photo of Mount Kinabalu with a rarely seen, amazing cloud around the peak, as rare as finding dried lavender bunches being sold at the Kundasang market.

The cloud looks like the traditional Kadazan/Dusun “sirung” (headgear) being “worn” by the mountain.

Apparently the cloud is called an orographic cloud, dangerous to planes.

Orographic cloud Mt Kinabalu

He mentioned that the photo was taken at dawn by one “Twopuk Roland” in Kundasang, Ranau.