Best Kadazan / Dusun songs of the 21st century

This is my list of the best Kadazan / Dusun songs that were released beginning in the year 2001, songs that have blared on the car audio quite a few times.

It is in no way complete – so your suggestions & comments are most welcome.

The hugely popular song Sayang Kinabalu does not make this list because it was originally released in 1997, and was re-released in 2001 with Malay lyrics – I only heard the fully Kadazan/Dusun lyrics later.

Fabian William – Id Pagandadan (song/lyrics: Fabian William)

Jimmy Palikat – Tanak Kampung [actually released 2010]
Joseph George – Iziau Nodaa (song/lyrics: Joseph George)
S Welly – Boros Nu Di Tohuri Noh

S Welly – Tongkiad Noh Koupusan
Dunstan Peter – Muli Oku Bye Bye (apparently first made the airwaves at the end of 2007. Off his Rombituon album)

Ridah Malanjang – Sopirosi-rosi (songwriter: Peter Poninting)
Ronn – Esther (song/lyrics: Ronn)
Jovell – Sosol Ku Doho
Jimisius Manggata – Pinupusan Nu Piginawaan
Fhilix Don – Iso Konoh Id Ginawoku

Linda Nanuwil – Tupus Olidang
Benn S Bukag – Binsorou Mamatos Kolungguyan
Sakril Sidik (Adi) – Timbok Tinggur Bulawan
Linda Nanuwil – Mitongkiad Kito

Benn S Bukag – Piombolutan Au Kosiliu Piupusan (music: himself) [this is probably the longest Kadazan/Dusun pop song ever, at well over 5 minutes]
Benn S Bukag – Noromuk Piupusan [off the Yahai LP]
Hain Jasli – Nokuro

Petronella Suan – Insan Tadau Kopiruba Wagu

Ivy Alexandra – Hiti Oku Poingandad (melody: Sekar Madusa)
Felix Agus – Nokosuai Ginawoku

Jo-Anna Sue Henley Rampas – Koupusan (music: herself, words: her mum)
Clarice John Matha – Adaa

Hain Jasli – Nobolou Nangku Iti Tupusku (music/words: himself)
Danny F. Malinggi – Kada Oku Sundualai

Jestie Alexius – Kosorou Kopo Nangku Doho
Francis Landong – Biris Punya Biris (please tell me whether this song was released in 2002 or 1992)

Please remind me what year the following were released
George Lian – Aiso Katapatan (2003?) (words/lyrics: himself)
Ateng – Norubat Piginawaan (words/lyrics: himself)
John Moduli – Nung Karati Ko (2004?) (words/lyrics: himself)
Clare Petrus Edwin – Id Topiumananku (song/lyrics: Petrus Edwin Edin)

If I had to choose the best of the lot, it would have to be Petronella Suan’s Insan Tadau Kopiruba Wagu.

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