The dinner that broke the bank

Of all the birthday dinners as kids birthday gifts that I ever paid for, the one in April 2011 stands out – that was when we went to a nice place to eat dinner to celebrate my eldest daughter’s 12th birthday. On a whim, or perhaps the restaurant owner was that good at marketing, on top of the usual stuff, I ordered something I have never paid for myself before.

The lobster cost RM373.

That was the dinner whose cost will live in infamy.

Place: Lucky Street Restaurant, Penampang.

3 thoughts on “The dinner that broke the bank

  1. i still consider luckier.. before this i ate 2 lobsters for free at home.. and also during amy late grandpa home.. its really big.. you can eat it from tail to head…

  2. You should try the “sugpo” from the Phiippines. It is more delicious than the lobster I guess. I remember when I first came to the Phil to visit our grandmother. They used to mixed it with tamarind soup or what they call it “sinigang”. Love it! Have a nice day.

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