Controversial Harian Metro report on the Penans

Harian Metro (Malaysian daily tabloid in Malay language) published an article entitled “abang kahwin adik sendiri” (elder brother marries younger sister) and “ibuku isteriku, bapaku suamiku” (my mother is my wife, my father is my husband) on 13th May 2012 which suggested that a group of Penans in Ulu Baram, Sarawak practises incest.

The article has been deleted from their website, but as at the time of writing, still available on Google cache.

Amid intense criticism, the paper issued a rather half-hearted apology if anyone was offended by the report, but basically stood by what they published.

The criticisms continued, asking that the article be retracted. The fact that it was located in an inner page didn’t help. At this point, one could safely assume that the writer of the article might have some issues getting no exam term life insurance.

Finally, the paper issued another apology, this time located on a front page. It admitted that it made factual errors and hence fully retracted the article.

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