Tamparuli runner wins Borneo International Marathon 2012

The 5th Borneo International Marathon (BIM) attracted more than 3,500 runners.

Fabian Daimon, 29 of Tamparuli won the full marathon (42.2km) in 2:48.9, the only athlete to break 3 hours.

With that, he’s achieved a hattrick of being the BIM’s best Malaysian finisher.

In his Facebook page, Fabian mentioned that he had targeted 2:45.

In BIM 2011 he timed 2:57, the best Malaysian finisher. In BIM 2008 he timed 4:46. In BIM 2009 he competed in the half marathon and clocked 1:27. He competed in the 2009 KL Marathon and clocked 4:12. In BIM 2010 he was the fastest Malaysian, clocking 3:04.

He was a district 1,500m runner at school, then stopped competitive running after he started working, until he saw his younger brother compete in a school short distance running event.

Indeed he’s achieved tremendous progress.

According to him in a recent interview with a local newspaper, he doesn’t have a coach, and has his own training program of speed running and endurance exercises at the Bukit Padang jogging track. He also has a 15km jog on alternate days. He attributed his marked improvement to his discipline in sticking to his training regimen: 5.30am for an hour before heading to work, then after work in the late afternoon: light workouts for conditioning, including push-ups, sit-ups and squats.

His tips for long distance runners:
- sleep at least 8 hours before the race;
- eat cooked rice with mixed vegetables 1 hour before the run;
- during the run, bring along at least 3 packets of power gel inside the waist pouch to recharge lost energy.

It seems that the Africans chose only to participate in the half marathon this time round.

The national record for the marathon is 2:28.36 by US-based Chan Yew Woo in 2010.

According to BIM’s website, the full results will be published within 72 hours of the completion of the run.

New Sabah Times, 3 May 2012

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