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Gospel song with modified lyrics

Recently, I was playing a gospel song in the car with the lyrics:

I will celebrate, sing to the Lord, a new song

when I noticed my 4-year old daughter singing along.

Listening carefully, I think I heard her sing

I like sandwich, sing to the law, a new saw

which when translated into Malay sounds even more ridiculous:

Saya suka sandwic, menyanyi untuk undang-undang, sebuah gergaji baru

Now what if I recorded the whole thing, then ran it through stuff like vox effects pedals Musicians friend or other otherworldy stuff…

Ronan Keating live in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, April 2012

The press conference was done in the afternoon of 21st April.

A RM1K per head acoustic concert for several hundred people was held at Bunga Raya Resort’s poolside on the evening of the same day. Some videos:

Probably his most-well known tune – When You Say Nothing At All, his first UK no.1 single as a solo singer (1999)

YouTube Preview Image

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Football: Malaysia’s only victory against English opposition

Malaysia’s first ever match against English teams (club or national team) was on 8th May 1974 when they lost 0-1 to Everton at Perak Stadium.

Then, on 13th May 1975, in the very next match against English opposition, Malaysia scored its first and only victory, 2-0 over Arsenal, both scored by the late Mokhtar Dahari, then 21.

YouTube Preview Image

Since then, there had been 3 draws out of more than 10 matches.

Still, one could argue that while Arsenal was in the top division (then called the First Division) of the Football League then, they were not a particularly strong side. Their own website says:

The 1970s started superbly and ended pretty well however the middle years were deeply disappointing.

In the 1974/5 season they only finished 16th out of 22 teams, with a WDL record of 13-11-18 and a goal difference of -2. In the next, they finished 17th. The Malaysia match happened in between these 2 humdrum seasons.

Wikipedia: Liga Malaysia XI Malaysia International Matches 1953-2000

Mother’s Day 2012

Following the pattern of previous mum’s day celebrations, it should follow in the same vein this year: dinner at a good, seaside seafood restaurant, usually accompanied by good banter and much laughter, and after that, a visit to a local nightspot, probably SS this time round.

Getting coupons on mom’s flowers this May is an option, although strictly speaking, she’s not actually into flowers that much.

Telekom Malaysia doesn’t want to save money

When I moved house in October 2010, I applied for a new fixed phone line, to use the same phone number.

Before moving, I was using the phone line for my prepaid fixed line phone and Streamyx account.

When I moved, I continued using the phone line for my prepaid fixed line phone, but chose to terminate the Streamyx account because according to a TM representative, it was “fully used up for my area” and I’d have to “wait for someone to terminate their account” before I could get mine activated.

The bill’s balance is -RM50.

Since moving, I’m getting the monthly bill of -RM50 every month.

Recently I asked TMPoint on whether there’s any way to get the amount refunded. The lady at the counter, after calling 100, said that the only way to get it is to terminate my account.

I told her that TM is wasting money by sending me bills every month to tell me that they owe me money – sooner or later the postage costs will add up to be more than RM50.

She merely said “that’s the way it is.”

Free drinking water at Perdana Park, Tanjung Aru

Aquabella Water International has installed a water purification plant at Perdana Park, Tanjung Aru which supplies free water to everybody. It claims that the drinking water there is the “safest and purest water technically possible.”

Very convenient, especially for joggers utilising the track.

However, I can’t see any sign that says one is limited to small containers, so I wonder if you’d be stopped if you bring extra large containers by the lorryload there.

Still, I must say that I was very impressed with the place: the free dancing water / musical fountain shows, the upkeep, the cleanliness, the smoking ban in the entire park, the reasonable price and variety of food/drink on offer – makes one feel relaxed while looking up upholstery fabrics online or anything else one might want to do.

Malaysia’s most expensive vehicle registration number

Update 25 May 2012

The record has been broken: “WWW 1″ has sold for RM520,000.

One could only guess that the car to which this number will be attached is worth much more than the cost of the plate number.

In fact, 3 other numbers in the “WWW” series went for RM300,000 each.

“WWW 333″ proved the most popular, with 84 bids.

Full results will be available at JPJ’s website on 28th May.

9 April 2012

It was reported in The Star on 9th April 2012 that the most expensive registration number ever sold is MCA 1 which went for RM300,000 in 2010.

That record is likely to be broken this year, when bidding for the number WWW 1 starts 30th April. It’s expected to reach RM500,000, because even now there are already “several offers” that “exceeds RM400,000.”

Personally I think the 2 numbers mentioned above are nowhere near as interesting as some other numbers in existence.

Easter 2012

Blame it on Mr Bean – when this hymn was sung at Sacred Heart Cathedral (Kota Kinabalu) during Easter Vigil on the evening of 7th April, I could not help but chuckle a little bit.

YouTube Preview Image

The hymn’s actual title is “Ye watchers and ye holy ones“, written by Athelstan Riley (19th century?), an Anglo-Catholic.

About Easter Vigil masses, all churches are usually so jam packed that if you were late, you’d have to sit outside, where it’d be a challenge keeping concentration due to the many extra-curricular activities available, anything from people gossiping to keeping an eye on the kids to reading appexit reviews.

Happy Easter!

Misinterpreted Internet acronyms

Here are some oft-used internet / SMS / instant messaging / social networking acronyms which can be interpreted in at least 2 quite different ways, which can create a totally different effect to what was originally intended:

- WTF, instead of the usual “What The [expletive]” can be taken to mean “Welcome To Facebook”

- LOL, instead of the usual “Lough Out Loud”, can be taken to mean “Lots Of Love”. While this shift may seem innocuous enough, it can also cause awkward moments, like so: