My ringtone / in-car playlist Hall of Fame

Here’s a partial list of audio which I found so entertaining that they have, at one time or another, become my ringtone, or played in the car for days at a time.

“Entertaining” here usually means they are either world-class good, or terribly bad. Middle-of-the-road stuff are usually not so interesting.

Differences between this and the usual stuff include them being unintentionally funny and/or done by relatively unknown person(s).

Many of these I first heard or seen from another phone or emailed, but invariably they’d make their way to youtube.

MSG – Pokok Klapak Remix (2007): OA Marsha AF3

YouTube Preview Image

Lingam Park (2007), parody of VK Lingam’s recorded phone conversation which prompted an RCI

YouTube Preview Image

Dato’ Seri S Samy Vellu – Ini Semua Kerja Orang Gila (2008?)

YouTube Preview Image

Timorese man singing excerpts of Peterpan’s Ada Apa Denganmu & Mungkin Nanti a capella (2011) – I love it that he periodically clutches an air microphone up to his mouth – if he had “performed” longer he might even have played an air ukulele.

YouTube Preview Image

Chris Crocker’s rant about Britney Spears (2007), which has been parodied countless times

YouTube Preview Image

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