Only persons who have won both Miss Universe Malaysia and Miss World Malaysia

Update 13 September 2011

Deborah failed to make the top 16 this time. Does this mean Miss Universe is tougher than Miss World?

12 September 2011

AFAIK, 2 girls have done so: Deborah Priya Henry and Trincy Low.

Deborah Henry (b. 1985), a model and TV host of Indian-Irish ancestry, was crowned Miss World Malaysia 2007 and went on to place in the top 16 at the world finals. A few years later, she won Miss Universe Malaysia 2011.

Trincy Low won Miss World Malaysia 1995 and Miss Universe Malaysia 1997. Apparently she did not get through the first round of Miss World 1995 and placed 34th out of 74 contestants in Miss Universe 1997.

These 2 ladies surely don’t mind getting holiday cards from admirers :-)

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