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Mount Kinabalu featured in the BBC’s Fast:Track

Mount Kinabalu (Gunung Kinabalu) is located in the East Malaysian state of Sabah. At 4,095m, it is the tallest peak in Borneo’s Crocker Range and the fourth tallest mountain in the Malay Archipelago. By topographic prominence, Mount Kinabalu is the 20th tallest mountain in the world.

It can be climbed rather easily by anybody in good physical condition. There is no need for mountaineering equipment at any point on the main route.

But mountains being mountains, Wholesale Insurance is a must.

The mountain was featured in the BBC’s Fast:Track, which can be watched on the BBC World News channel on Saturdays at 0430, 1230 and 1930 GMT or Sundays at 1930 GMT.

The BBC’s Carmen Roberts also tackles the Via Ferrata.

Watch online.

Rental rates of retail space in Kota Kinabalu and other Sabah shopping trivia

Kompleks Karamunsing (2010):
- ground flr: min: RM4.11 psf, max: RM5.87 psf
- 3rd flr: min: RM2.10 psf, max: RM2.75 psf

Wisma Merdeka (2010):
- ground flr: min: RM10 psf, max: RM25.13 psf
- 2nd flr: min: RM3.01 psf, max: RM4.50 psf

Plaza Wawasan (2010):
- ground flr: min: RM8.60 psd, max: RM12 psf
- 1st flr: min: RM3.73psf, max: RM5.71psf

Centre Point (2010):
- ground flr: min: RM8 psf, max: RM23 psf
- 1st flr: min: RM5 psf, max: RM7 psf

1Borneo (2010):
- ground flr: min: RM7.32 psf, max: RM10 psf
- 1st flr: min: RM7.32 psf, max: RM8 psf

As of first quarter of 2011, retail space:
- Kota Kinabalu: 4.5 million sq ft, population: 453K, 14.5% of the total population of Sabah
- Tawau: >300K sq ft, population: 398.5K
- Penampang: 261K sq ft, population: 122K
- Sandakan: 242K sq ft, population: 397.5K
- Sabah total: 5.6 million sq ft (38 shopping complexes), population 3.12 million i.e. 11% of Malaysia
- Malaysia total: 116 million sq ft; i.e. 20 times more than Sabah

Between 2000-2010, Penampang’s population grew by 3.9%, the highest rate in Sabah. In contrast, Kota Kinabalu’s rate is only 2.42%, Tawau 2.67%, Sandakan 1.3%. Sabah average: 2.34%.

Between 1991-2000, Penampang’s population grew by 5.78%, Kota Kinabalu 5.89%, Tawau 2.45%, Sandakan 4.98%. Sabah average was even higher: 3.92%

Malaysia’s population in 2010: 27.57 million, 25.5% live in Klang Valley.

Daily Express, 22nd August 2011

Bored shop assistant

Spotted the following some time ago as I was looking around for Bluray players in a shop somewhere in or around Kota Kinabalu.

I didn’t find the particular make/model that I was looking for, so I proceeded to do some window shopping. As I turned a corner, I noticed something rather mischievous.

At first glance it’s not so obvious:

But upon closer inspection:

And no, I did NOT do it.

So shopowners, better keep an eye on your workers!

Bad experience with Talent water taps

I purchased some water taps of the Talent brand in mid 2010. They cost at least RM25 each.

On 17th July 2011 one installed in a shower broke after a soapholder hung on it was pulled out:

Then on 1st August 2011 another one installed in the laundry room also broke after a hose connected to it was pulled out:

After that experience, I’d definitely not recommend these taps. They look nice, with a matching price tag, but have proven to be very fragile. Taps costing half that price lasts longer.

Acid splashers in Kota Kinabalu

Update 16 September 2011

Up till today I haven’t heard of any related arrest(s), perhaps the perpetrator covered his face at the material time with a scorpion exo-700 helmet or similar.

19 August 2011

Following a spate in the peninsula, copycat acid splashing has made its way to Sabah.

Around 2pm on 18th August 2011, Ling Siew Teen, 22 was alighting from her car in front of a supermarket in Taman Khidmat, Kolombong, near Kota Kinabalu when heard a man calling for her behind her back, and when she turned round, the man who was driving a Perodua MyVi splashed corrosive liquid on her. She was burned in the eyes, cheek, lips and chin.

Fortunately, it was reportedly not a “full strength” concoction.

Bernama, 18th August 2011
Borneo Post, 18th August 2011

Malaysians who’ve made worldwide twitter trends

Making the twitter trends: worldwide list is a sure sign that one’s famous / at least heavily talked about on twitter, that SMS Of The Internet with 200 million users, probably second only to Facebook in the social networking stakes.

Malaysians making twitter trends is still a rather rare occurrence, so if you do, it’s probably a good idea to commemorate it withengravable plaques.

On 21st November 2010, in the Asian Games badminton tournament, Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan 13-21, 21-15, 10-21. Yet at the same time, in twitter, he was the clear winner

On 13th August 2011, in the Yonex BWF World Championships 2011, apart from a few unforced errors, Chong Wei gave a masterclass to reigning world champion Chen Jin 21-13, 21-9. Limiting a current world champ to under 10 points is no mean feat for anybody, anytime. And LCW’s fans went berserk on twitter

On 28th July 2011, during arguably Malaysia’s most important football match ever, goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat was a twitter hot topic

Most popular bread in Malaysia

… / at least amongst Sabahans. From personal experience, I can most certainly say that it’s very delicious indeed.

Apparently it can be found at only a few select outlets in the country, and can’t be found anywhere in Sabah. I wonder why.

One of these outlets is right next to the arrivals door at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

People would head straight for the shop selling it upon arrival, invariably they’d be Sabahans:

I think there are a few varieties, but this one is the most popular – a gift of choice for the kids at home. Plus, together with Sharis Berries, perhaps an unbeatable combination.