Heavy metal / hard rock Dusun songs

Last week, I first heard the song Koposion by Sokid, which was recorded in May 2010 at a studio in Seri Kembangan, Selangor. The group mentioned that they planned to release an album in July that year.

YouTube Preview Image

Rather interesting to hear a Dusun song in a different genre.

Piqued, I wondered if it is the first Dusun song in heavy metal or hard rock.

Then there’s Kristo Umok’s Tulang Bosi Turat Dawai which was mentioned in dBOS-fm’s blog in March 2010, so it must have been recorded earlier than the above song:

Singing in this kind of style might not be many Dusuns’ idea of a good time, at least perhaps not yet. Sometimes the words could be lost in all that racket, they could be singing about mothers rings while an expletive starting with the word “mother” could be heard instead.

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