Megalong Shopping Mall, Donggongon haunted?

On 10th April around 9.20pm, as my 2 kids and I were on our way out of the Megalong Cineplex after watching Mars Needs Moms 3D, we encountered a commotion near the lift of the 4th floor, on the corridor separating the games room and the karaoke place.

There were 2 teenage girls there, crying and sometimes getting hysterical, being comforted by their friends as they were being led out of the karaoke place and into the games room.

I thought it was the usual loafing-kids-fighting case, but then someone from the group, on seeing me carrying my 3-year-old daughter, told me that the place is “not good for kids” and we better scram, that the 2 girls saw an “orang halus” (a ghost) inside one of the karaoke rooms.

Well, I thought it’s rather odd that ghosts would invade a noisy room full of kids singing out of tune. I thought they preferred to strike at lone targets in quiet places!

I was still processing that when I heard more screaming from the karaoke room, causing the guys and staff alike scampering in.

That’s when I thought it’s probably a good idea that we make our way downstairs to the waiting car for home.

So next time you’re at Donggongon, Penampang, that’s something different to look out for other than hydroxatone scams being peddled.

Any relation to the mall’s first suicide case on 13th September 2010?

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