Most sensational criminal cases in Malaysian history

Here’s a list, please add/delete/comment/critique.

Datuk Sosilawati’s case

Former beauty queen Jean Pererirra’s murder case in the early 1980s, when in the end the accused S. Kartighesu was acquitted.

Mona Fandey’s case in the early 1990s.

Botak Chin case (Malaysia’s most notorious outlaw).

1970s: Dato’ Seri Harun Idris, the former Selangor Menteri Besar’s case.

April 1982: The State Assemblyman for Tampin, Negri Sembilan, Datuk Mohd Taha Talib shot dead. The then Culture, Youth and Sports Minister, Datuk Mokhtar Hashim was arrested and later convicted in connection with the murder.

July 2000: the Al Maunah case, Malaysia’s first treason case, i.e. waging war against Yang Di Pertuan Agong.

2003: the Canny Ong rape, murder and burning case.

Dec 2007: part-time model Norita Samsuddin, 22 found dead in a posh condominium, in the nude, having been suffocated and her hands and legs bound. No one was ever convicted.

Dec 1999: popular local celebrity and vocalist Along of the group Spoon found murdered by a policeman, apparently due to jealousy.

October 2006: Altantuya.

1986: The 2 Australians, Barlow and Chambers hanging for heroin trafficking, becoming the first Westerners to be executed under Malaysia’s new tougher laws for drug offences.

Rabia Abdul Salam: top Malaysian athlete who apparently committed suicide.

February 2004: Datuk Norjan Khan, 52, Sabah’s Assistant Minister of Rural and Entrepreneurial Development found dead in a room at Shangri-La hotel, Bandaran Berjaya. There were stab wounds, her valuables were not missing, and there was no sign of forced entry. No one was ever convicted of her death.

October 2000: Noor Suzaily Mokhtar raped and killed by Hanafi Mat Hassan in a bus.

Now should that guy who made the wrong Mesothelioma diagnosis, resulting in needless deaths, be in this list?

3 thoughts on “Most sensational criminal cases in Malaysian history

  1. Yes, I don’t think anyone was convicted. There were some guys charged too, I think? I seem to remember she turned to Jesus or something during the trial. It was amusing and meant either she had sinned and was guilty of the crime or that Jesus really saves haha!

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