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Malaysia’s prettiest girls are from Sabah?

Judging from the frequency of Sabahans winning national-level top-rated international beauty pageants recently while looking like they don’t need any acne treatment at all, the answer is obvious.

In July 2010, Julylen Liew Ei Ling, 20 won Miss Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2010. She will represent Malaysia at Miss Tourism Queen International 2010 in China in September.

[photo credit - Julylen Liew]

Also in the same month, Appey Rowenna Januin, 19 was crowned Miss Malaysia Earth 2010. She will represent Malaysia at Miss Earth 2010 in Vietnam in October.

[photo credit - Terrence Isaac Majin]

At the Miss Malaysia Universe 2009 pageant, the top 2 were Sabahans, JoannaBelle Ng and Cassandra Patrick.

Mandy Nandu won Miss Malaysia Model of the World 2009.

Excellent music discovered accidentally (part 4)

As a self-professed classic movie freak, you’d normally never catch me watching Barbie movies. However, having a young family changed all that. So I was accompanying a daughter watching “Barbie as the Island Princess” (2007) one day, and was about to fall asleep when a most beautiful melody woke me up, the song “I Need To Know”, written by Megan Cavallari.

There are 2 versions of that song in the DVD, but the one sung by Cassidy Ladden during the end credits is the best:

And it was never even released as a single! So, if not for Barbie, I would’ve never even have heard of this song.

By then I was expecting other good songs from the Barbie movie franchise, and discovered another gem in “Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper” (2004) with the song “Written In Your Heart,” also written by Megan Cavallari:

Probably you’d have noticed that I’m into not-too-slow ballads i.e. not one of those ultra-speed rave-maniac numbers which has all the makings to be the worlds fastest fat burner if you danced along long enough to it. IMHO, the beauty of music is primarily in the melody, not skills show-off.

Internet meme, Sabah style

It started off with someone taking, and uploading to youtube in August 2009, a video of an intoxicated-looking middle-aged man, whose real name is reportedly Barangin Tangkis, singing Sekar Madusa’s song “Kada Tilombusai Oh Bujang“, although some insist that the real title is “Tontok Tinan”, still some others call it “Bujang Bujang”:

YouTube Preview Image

Location has been disputed; some say somewhere in Kota Belud, others say Tuaran.

The phrase “ulang lagi” (repeat), which the man uttered at the end of the song has become an oft-repeated catchphrase for the performance.

A video-edited version was uploaded in November 2009.

In February 2010, someone uploaded a “music video” for it, complete with Tarzan holler at the beginning.

Inevitably, in March 2010 someone latched on to the Chipmunks-version meme.

Before long, a remixed version surfaced.

In July 2010, someone uploaded a video of the guy himself singing an acapella version.

Later in the same month, someone uploaded another remixed version, and from another guy, yet another.

Personally, I think memes are clever marketing devices, you can surreptitiously insert a link like “click here to produce more breast milk“, on memes with related themes, and with any luck, the big time beckons.

KKFM, UMS Campus Radio: first non-RTM based radio station in Sabah?

Othoe resigned from Suria FM in June 2011. He was there since sometime in 2008.

16 August 2010

Perhaps, apart from RTM’s own channels, the most popular Sabah-themed radio station is the DJ Othoe-helmed SuriaFM.

Then of course there are the independent internet-based radio stations like Sabahan.FM.

Now there’s KKFM, operating at 91.1 Mhz which was launched early July 2010 with the tagline “Bukan Sekadar Muzik” (Not Just Music).

It’s run by an educational institution, so it won’t be surprising if they sell textbooks online next.

One of its 4 permanent DJs is Felix Agus, of Akademi Fantasia 3 fame.

It can be heard at Telipok, Sepanggar, Menggatal, Inanam, Kota Kinabalu, Penampang, Kinarut and Beringgis, Papar daily between 6am and 8pm. Language used is Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Excellent music discovered accidentally (part 3)

Recently, my brother pointed out that someone’s made a song about an uncle whose nickname is “Sabud.” When I checked it out, it was apparently by Russian singer Maksim [МакSим] with title “Zabud” [забудь] in 2008. Apparently the title means “forget.”

But to me, the song itself is very impressive:

YouTube Preview Image

Upbeat & uplifting – sounds like the best ab workout alternative to those pills – and you don’t even need to understand a word of what she’s singing.

What happens if you have irreverent grandchildren with a camera

Update 13 Nov 2012

Apparently Sabahan granny giving the one finger salute. Now it’s very possible that she’s steeped in Western culture, but at least equally likely is that her descendants are.

Sabahan old woman FO handsign
[photo credit: Mackley Bodidie, 8 Nov 2012]

11 Aug 2010

Sabahan granny flashes the universal I Love You hand sign (albeit reversed) commonly displayed by rock stars and their adherents.

[photo credit: Liza Joe]

Some would argue that this is El Diablo, a representation of Satan, but that’s a story for another day.

So there you have it; a lesson on paradoxes: she probably knows as much as the handsign as term life insurance quotes (no offence intended).

The V sign social gaffe

Updated 23 Sep 2012

That’s why Raleigh International volunteer “Gypsy Jackson” blogged (ironically) that he didn’t think the girl below liked him at all when he took a photo of a group of Long Pa Sia kids in July 2011:

Long Pa Sia kids - V Sign
[photo credit: gypsyinborneo]

9 Aug 2010

The peace / V / Victory hand gesture, i.e. first and second fingers raised & parted, with the other fingers clenched is a popular hand sign to be displayed when posing for photographs, conveying a generally positive meaning. Americans and Canadians generally don’t care much about which way the palm faces, but the British, Australian, New Zealander, South African and Irish do – with palm inwards, it is an obscene insulting gesture of the same gravity as The Finger itself.

Malaysia used to be ruled by the British, but perhaps, at this moment, equally culturally heavily influenced by the USA. Hence, it’s arguable whether the precise orientation of the V sign even matters. Needless to say, to most Asians, the idea that the direction of one’s palm is important is as alien as owning Outer Banks homes.

Still, I still find it cringe-worthy everytime I see the reverse V sign being flashed, especially by Malaysian celebrities and other public figures in glossy magazines, newspapers, official publications, and such like. My attitude to it was probably cemented when I saw it being regularly used at the British school I attended, and when I saw The Queen’s photo of inadvertently displaying the gesture while holding onto her bag having been turned into a postcard.

That is why I feel compelled to remind friends and colleagues of this fact whenever I see them doing the sign in photos – especially those made available online.