Finally, a proper UFO sighting in Sabah?

UPDATE 6.30pm

It seems that a plausible explanation for the phenomenon is that the “UFO” was merely a lenticular cloud, i.e. a cloud that is shaped like a lens. This kind of cloud is usually mistaken for alien planes. The colour change could be due to “irisation” which could sometimes be seen on the edges.

An example is the following which was seen over the British coast for almost an hour in January 2009:

Of course that could not explain the “a mere minute later [it] disappeared in an instant,” although that could very well be an exaggeration by the witnesses.

Whatever it is, this wonder of nature should not stop one from doing a Paul Vasquez :-)


After that front-page-reported “UFO sighting” by no less than the Managing Director of Sabah Publishing House Datuk Clement Yeh on 11th October 2007, we finally could have a real mystery on our hands.

Date: 18th July 2010 (Sunday)
Time: afternoon
Place: Tuaran Beach Resort

Witnesses reported a circular, blue object floating in the sky that a few seconds later turned green, and a mere minute later disappeared in an instant, all in complete silence.

The following is purported to be a photo of the saucer – I know, even without aliens from outer space, the photo already looks spectacular doesn’t it:

UFO tuaran
[Photo credit: Mohd Azrone Sarabatin]


Conveniently, as expected, “some” mobile phones used to take photos of the object “switched off by themselves”, as if the creature piloting the alien plane used a universal remote control compatible with many mobile phones in the known universe.

This piece of news was reported in Harian Metro and not any of the major dailies. Does that say anything to you?

Someone mentioned that it’s merely a photo of a helicopter at the lowest ISO setting possible. Someone else said it’s merely a cloud formation. Some wondered whether the photo above was taken from inside a room, hence the object was merely a reflection of a light inside – but probably all the witnesses were outside the building, perhaps even some even looked up while working on the equestrian apparel next door. Inevitably, someone quipped that it was a Zionist plot to stray Malays away from the true path.

Apparently the last time a bona fide UFO appeared in the country was in 1999 in Tanjung Sepat, Kuala Langat, Selangor. But according to George Matanjun, a Catholic Lay Minister and a Catechist, hence “does not lie”, as reported at, he saw a UFO on 8th October 2005 at Tanjung Aru Beach, Kota Kinabalu.

Then there was that “Flying Coffin” over Kota Kinabalu airport that was caught on CCTV as reported in TV3′s Misteri Nusantara in October 2002, which rose near the sea, flew “at great speed” over the terminal, then disappeared behind the adjacent hills, all in complete silence. The radar station did not pick it up.

Sabahans certainly have a penchant for extra-terrestrials, for probably the first reported UFO abduction in the history of the nation was reported to have happened near Tambunan in February 2001, where a man claimed that a square-headed alien wanted to “take him away,” and he apparently did disappear for 11 days, which was very unusual – most “UFO abductees” went missing for a maximum of 5 days. But chillingly, the coordinator of The Centre for Malaysian UFO Studies (Cenmyufos), Ahmad Jamaludin said, “there were some UFO activities around Kota Kinabalu at that time that could lend some credence to the claim.”

Close encounters of the third kind, Sabah style? Perhaps he just had one tapai too many.

25 thoughts on “Finally, a proper UFO sighting in Sabah?

  1. This is actually genius! Well if they’re telling the truth and if there was a UFO, the world is full of skeptics anyway.

    Hope this will boost our tourism though LOL

  2. Voodoo perhaps? Nah for real though, a cloud doesn’t just show up a few minutes and disappear in an instant. Hmmmm Voodoo perhaps? Hmmmm, did I mention Voodoo? Nah for real though, it’s interesting but a bit creepy.

  3. I was thinking that it might be some kind of cloud formation the first time i saw the picture… but then again you never know. :-D

  4. well seem like predator space ship.. which is showing at movie now…
    perhaps it real perhaps it not.
    what you guys say?

  5. Look carefully. I think this UFO is as big as an olympic size stadium or bigger because it hangs above the clouds. Even at the lower level of the clouds, an aeroplane as big as Boeing 747 look small in size. But look at this UFO…

  6. Also there was a sighting of what believed to be a UFO in Kolombong in Mac 2008. It was reported in The New Sabah Times, however, it seems like less people are unaware about it. In the picture, it really looked like a cloud formation, but, when the cloud passed by the three witnesses just on top of their heads, they could see very clearly blinking lights coming from the ‘cloud formation’. Then sudenly, it flew away with great speed and dissapeared just like that. One of the witnesses said, she saw the oject covered by the cloud to be a metallic kind of thing.

  7. cehhh lenticular cloud ka pula… I wonder.. Lenticular clouds slalu keluar di atas gunung saja. Maybe its because of the crazy weather nowadays

  8. I’m wondering whether anyone has bothered to return to the exact location this photograph was taken? It looks to me that it was taken through a window and that the object is merely the reflection of a lamp fitting in the room behind the photographer.

  9. @Massy, I dont believe in Atoms because I cant see them. I dont believe the earth is round. I dont believe in Dinosaurs.

  10. From The Borneo Post (

    The round blue object, which was said to be hovering in the sky near the Tuaran Beach Resort, was sighted by resort guests and employees.

    Tuaran Beach Resort restaurant manager, James Dungil, 27, who were among the eyewitnesses said the object was sighted on Saturday around 4pm.

    “I was in the restaurant with some friends and saw some guests pointing up to the sky.

    “We were curious so we went out to see what the commotion was all about and I saw a round transparent object in the sky,” he said when contacted yesterday.

    James said he and some others then ran up to the resort’s family living room, located on the second floor, to have a better view.

    “I managed to take one photo before it disappeared out of sight,” he said, adding that there was no sound or shining light when the object vanished.

    Several other guests and employees, who claimed to have also spotted the object, said it hovered in the air for a few minutes before disappearing.

    Some even claimed that their handphones “went dead” when they tried to record the object with the devices.

    Another witness, Donny Benedict, 29, said he did not believe in the existence of UFOs, but changed his mind upon watching the unusual sight.

    “I saw the object for about 20 seconds before it disappeared.

    “It’s strange that it did not make any noise like a normal aircraft,” he said, adding that he regretted not being able to take a picture of the object with his handphone as it was out of battery.

  11. @cicak: there’s no definitive explanation – this is one possiblity. Selalu kelaur atas gunung? Tapi tu gambar awan di Wales tu Daily Mail report “off the coast”, ertinya di atas laut, macam juga di Tuaran tu.

  12. @AndyM: that’s a possibility, but it does not explain the newsreport that said the witnesses went out of whichever room they were in and still saw the object.

  13. Memang macam lampu bilik, as AndyM has suggested, but then as you said, there were other witnesses. It still doesn’t convince me of UFO existence.
    Anyways, bulih tahan juga Sabah; are we so famous for our tourist spots that even aliens want to visit us? :D

  14. I’m still convinced this particulaqr phot was taken through a window. Look at the reflections of light upon the glass between the spectators and the roofs in the foreground. Paste the image into a simple photo editor and adjust the gamma setting right down. The brightest part of the object is centre, front, top – which is where the light would be reflecting off of it – if it were ‘behind’ the photographer with the natural light coming through the window. You then also see the light reflecting off the central fitting at the bottom. If this were an object above the clouds, the reflected light would be on the side closest to the setting sun, not ‘behind’ the object, facing the observer.

  15. BTW – in case I sound like a skeptic – I *DO* believe! I’ve seen many things myself that I can’t attribute to any natural or other artificial source.

    I just don’t think this particular picture portrays a genuine case – although it is a beautiful scene.

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