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Tamparuli makes the news for all the wrong reasons

Near the library in the town of Tamparuli is a small recreational area, some call it a park. It used to be just an open ground until it was developed a few years ago, and looks good at first glance.

Done with good intentions indeed, however, it was reported by Johary Indan in Berita Harian, a national daily a few days ago that in the past year, this area had become popular places for wayward youngsters, boys and girls alike, to get high on glue, get drunk on alcohol, litter and indulge in public displays of affection, something not acceptable in local culture. Even worse, they apparently did all these openly without seemingly any care for the world.

And perhaps worst of all, some of them allegedly robbed anybody who walked by that area, as well as harrassing passers-by with obscenities.

The reporting journalist wrote that he saw many empty bottles of liquor and broken glass scattered about.

As a result, it had become a no-go area for many people, with some suggesting that the place be closed.

His report has created some controversy, not least because if what he reported really are happening on a regular basis, the local police station is just across the road, perhaps even with an unobstructed line of sight, hence it should be no problems for them to monitor on act where necessary.

Whatever it is, I call upon all Tamparulians to keep up the good name of our little town. Let it be famous for the bridge, the tamu, Wun Chiap, the hill; heck, even perhaps the world sales headquarters for Epson thermal printers, but not these kind of news.

Berita Harian, 28 June 2010

My brother gets engaged, 26th June 2010, Sabah traditional food galore

Last Saturday my brother Ezbon got engaged with Leonie, the ceremony held at Leonie’s house in Kg Toboh Baru, Tuaran. Congratulations!

The formal proceedings were inevitably followed by lunch, and we were greeted by a glorious menu of Sabah’s traditional food. I think everything on the table was home grown and home prepared, none bought / catered, right down to the rice.

Of course the Fear Factor food of Sabah, the infamous “bosou” was there. You have not lived if you haven’t tried eating this stuff:

I think living in a quiet village and consuming food you harvested with your own hands is a prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle, Leonie’s family all looked fit and trim, unlike some of us city dwellers who have no qualms about reaching for noxycut when it comes to weight issues.

The legend of Gintak Gabui

When it comes to legendary Sabahans, whose very name has entered the local vocabulary, it must be Gintak Gabui.

In 1990, perhaps even earlier, Gintak, then 70, was found guilty of raping a 15-year old girl.

That gained him instant infamy. Everybody talked about him, and his name came to mean the act of raping / worse, usually said with a snigger, often followed by maniacal laughter.

When he was on trial, many people reportedly congregrated in courtrooms to catch a glimpe of the infamous man, to which he once allegedly said the immortal words:

Sabar peminat.

Meaning: please, my fans, be patient.

When I climbed mount Kinabalu in 1990, I even saw his name spraypainted on a rock face near the summit.

I remember seeing a grainy picture of him in one of the newspapers then. I am not sure if he’s still alive; if he is, he’d be about 90 years old now.

The only person whose time in the limelight is remotely comparable to him is Tausang @ Tingal Sagunting, a rubber tapper, who was on trial in 2007 for allegedly raping an 18-year old girl in August 2004, at a rubber plantation in Kampung Laputong, Tamparuli (hence, “the mattress” was not exhibited in court I suppose). As a result she got pregnant and gave birth to a boy. He was then 77. The late Tausang caused a stir when he refused lawyers and instead conducted his own defence, in Dusun language no less.

When the trial got underway he was about 80 years old, probably the oldest ever person in Malaysia ever to be charged with rape.

He uttered two immortal sentences, reported in the newspapers:

Saya tidak akun rogol, sebab saya suka sama suka, sama dia, saya tidak dapat kacau sama dia, kalau bukan kerana sinta.

Meaning: I do not admit raping her, because the act was consensual. I would not be able to “disturb” her if we didn’t love each other.

Nokuro tu au dau pinoruput tontok do korogol, soira pod minontian om man nogi dau poruputo?

Meaning: Why didn’t the woman make a police report when she was raped? Why did she make the report only when she found out she was pregnant?

He was eventually found not guilty, and died about a month after that in his sleep.

Even now, there are more google search results on “gintak gabui” as compared to “tausang sagunting.”

My World Cup 2010 must-see matches

… / at least try to see them live, if not, see the replay.

All times are Malaysian

12 June (Sat)
10pm: Argentina 1-0 Nigeria. Nigeria provided scant opposition. Even in the last minutes they didn’t seem hungry enough to go for the equaliser, and seems almost agreeable to a small defeat.

14 June (Mon)
10pm: Japan 1-0 Cameroon. Eto’o fails to prevent Honda and co’s victory.

15 June (Tue)
10pm: Ivory Coast 0-0 Portugal. The King of Africa vs The King of Diving at national level finally happened when Drog made his entrance with a small cast on the 65th. Someone mentioned it would be good to have a Hand of Drog moment, to make up for the Hand of Clod. But unfortunately, overall it was a very boring game as both teams played far too cautiously.

Can’t see the shoes, but must’ve been sponsored, shoebuy coupons are for the masses.

16 June (Wed)
2.30am: Brazil 2-1 North Korea. Possibly the most entertaining game of the World Cup so far. The Malaysian national team should be made to watch this game and learn from the Chollima – they played with astounding heart and skill. Remember the Brazil v Malaysia friendly match in May 2002, just before the 2002 World Cup? Brazil played at half speed, yet won 4-0. The Brazil-North Korea match was a serious match, and Brazil could’ve been upset. For the record, Malaysia’s participation in the World Cup ended as early as the first round of qualification when we lost 1-4 on aggregate to Bahrain, who went on the playoffs, losing a World Cup finals berth narrowly when they lost to New Zealand 0-1.

17 June (Thu)
7.30pm: Argentina 4-1 South Korea. The Koreans played their hearts out but were ultimately outgunned by a world-class team. Just look at this stats: on shots on goal alone the Albiceleste led 11-2!

19 June (Sat)
7.30pm: Holland 1-0 Japan. A boring first half was finally enlivened by the 53rd minute goal. The Oranje still not at top gear, Japan not overwhelmed.

21 June (Mon)
2.30am: Brazil 3-1 Ivory Coast. Who said Dunga’s side is devoid of free-flow football? I saw plenty of that.

23 June (Wed)
2.30am: Nigeria 2-2 South Korea. Very good match. Could’ve gone either way. The Koreans excellent in attack, creating many chances. Defense not so good.

25 June (Friday)
2.30am: Cameroon 1-2 Holland. Indomitable Lions tamed and dumped.

10pm: Portugal 0-0 Brazil: perfect timing, a Friday, the pubs packed to the max. Stalemate. A draw was enough for Brazil to top the group, hence never had the motivation to step on the gas.


26 June (Saturday)

10pm: Uruguay 2-1 South Korea. The Koreans dominated possession, yet not clinical enough upfront and committed some errors at the back, while the South Americans proved that they could step on it when required.

27 June (Sunday)

10pm: Germany 4-1 England: mesmerising! Every time the Germans had the ball, they looked very dangerous. I thought England were in for a hiding when they were 0-2 down and the camera focused on Milner’s, then James’ anguished expressions. Germans very impressive on counterattack. England had lapses in focus and Rooney was not up to mark. John Terry, Matthew Upson, Gareth Barry all looked lumbering.

28 June (Monday)

2.30am: Argentina 3-1 Mexico: spellbinding! Argentina still look vulnerable at the back, but with an attack lineup of Tevez, Messi and Higuain, that won’t matter. Mexico started off well, but was rattled by the first 2 goals.

29 June (Tuesday)

10pm: Paraguay 0-0 Japan (5-3 penalties): Yuichi Komano’s worst night of his career.


2 July (Friday): 9.30pm: Holland 2-1 Brazil. Brazil mesmerised in first half, the Dutch struggled to hold on. The selecao’s defensive lapse on 53rd was the beginning of the end. Holland grew in confidence and got the 2nd goal. From then on, Brazil lost it. The last 15 minutes was probably the worst I’ve ever seen them play – terrible defensively and resolve broken. The Oranje showed yet again that they’re a world class team – revelling in those big matches.

The moment Brazil’s downfall began

3 July (Saturday): 9.30pm: Germany v Argentina

4 July (Sunday): 2am: Spain v Paraguay

7 July (Wed)

2.30am: semifinal 1

8 July (Thu)
2.30am: semifinal 2

12 July (Monday)
2:30am: FINAL: surely 12th July 2010 will see a record number of people on leave in Malaysia.


The most prestigious Datukship in Malaysia is from the state of Johor?

It was reported in The Star on 11th June 2010 that the Johor Council of Royal Court secretary Datuk Abdul Rahim Ramli said that the title of Datuk from the state had been given out only 712 times since 1886, an average of around 5 every year.

That could very well be the rarest, most difficult Datukship to get in Malaysia, as rare as seeing people wear vampire costumes on days other than Halloween.

Compare that to Sabah’s around 1,200 Datukships conferred since 1963, and Melaka’s 84 Datuks awarded in 2004.

The current Sultan of Johor, caucasian-look Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar was installed 23rd January 2010. His mother is Englishwoman Josephine Trevorrow.

And Johor could very well be the state that took back the most Datukships, judging from recent happenings.

Even adventurewoman Datin Paduka Sharifah Mazlina Syed Abdul Kadir’s Datukship was not spared.

Even if the Sultan didn’t feel the need to explain the reasons, or even to announce what had taken place, tongues would surely start wagging.

He said the 3 main criterias for awarding a Datukship are “loyalty, meticulous service and diligence.” The North Pole conqueror had failed on at least one of those points?

Shahrom Mahadi: most infamous Malaysian at the moment

I don’t know if any Malaysian man has ever done this from inside Malaysia and jailed for it.

Shahrom “Abangaim” Mahadi (born 1965), a security guard and father of 6 took photos of himself and another man engaging in homosexual acts, and made them available online between August 2006 and May 2009 at 6 sites, 5 on blogspot and one on geocities.

Purpose: to get buyers for his self-made pr0n VCD. I mean, most desperate-for-money guys in Malaysia, at their very worst, would resort to robbery, drug dealing or similar, but this guy has breached the extreme.

If there’s such a thing as second-wave embarrassment, he had to admit in court that in that 3 years, he did not manage to sell even 1 VCD, only a few enquiries from “curious people asking about his lifestyle.”

Trawling discussion forums on him, I could find many references to his physical shortcomings, even though at first glance he does not look like he needed acne treatments.

He deleted the blogs in May 2009 after he was arrested.

In another blog, with last entry on 26th April 2009 he listed himself as a golf course supervisor at Palm Course, The Legends Golf & Country Resort, Johor, with a photo of him at the golf course.

But in court he was quoted to have said that he lost another managerial job at another golf course at Pulai Spring Resort, Johor Bahru, hence had to resort to working as a security guard.

On 3rd June 2010, he was sentenced to 6 months’ jail by the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court for “improper use of the Internet on 27th February 2009.”

Case report.

His Facebook page lists his relationship status as “in an open relationship” despite the fact that it was revealed in court that he is married with 6 kids. It also has his handphone number, lists his address as Kulai, Johor and the account has 23 friends.

He created his MySpace page on 26th April 2009 and last logged in 14th May 2010 (as of the time of writing) and also listed his status has single.

New Straits Times, 4th June 2010
The Star, 4th June 2010

Should you change your identity if someone took yours?

Apparently that’s what an officer of the National Registration Department (NRD) advised Siti Rosita Mustapah, 19, of Sandakan in 2007.

Summary of events:
- she applied for her MyKad at the NRD’s Sandakan branch in 2005.
- she repeatedly checked on the status since Dec 2005. Each time told it was not ready.
- Sandakan NRD office advised to check with NRD head office in Kota Kinabalu and upon checking on 5th Dec, was told that the card had been issued to someone else. She claimed that she was then accused of “being an impostor.”
- on 7th Dec 2007, she went to Sandakan NRD office and was told that she “can make a fresh application with a new identity to resolve the problem.”

Whoa, that would make even pregnant women on prenatal vitamins might get a nasty shock.

What do you think?

The Star, 10th Dec 2007

The most unique person name in Sabah (and perhaps the world!)

Years ago I was going through some files in preparation for an audit when, going through the file on training, I encountered what must be the most unique name of a Sabahan.

It was so unique that even googling that name does not give any indication that any other person in history has ever had such a name.

Therefore, I submit the most unique person’s name in Sabah, and perhaps the entire world: Lexizefpenvo H. Plank.

Google it if you don’t believe me.

Sounds like some kind of eczema treatment?

To Mr Lexizenpenvo, if you’re reading this, this is not in any way meant to offend: it’s just to share the world what a special name you have.

Kaamatan 2010

Some tidbits on the 31st May 2010, the climax of the state-level Kaamatan Festival, Sabah’s biggest, most colourful, best known and most important cultural event, attracting thousands of visitors from far and wide.

- someone mentioned that with side dishes, one could easily sell 50 crates of beer every single day at KDCA.

11.35am: a little bird mentioned that Miss Tawau, Lahad Datu, Banggi, Beluran & Telupid are probably on their way out at the preliminary stage.

11.42am: a little bird mentioned that when eventual winner Crystel Eve Huminodun Majinbon made her entrance, nobody applauded. He added that Miss Telupid & Tungku probably won’t survive the first round.

2.10pm: YB Lim Kit Siang spotted making the rounds at KDCA.

3.20pm: heavy rain lashes KDCA Hall, and the West Coast of Sabah for about 1.5 hours (?)

5.55pm: got update that the Unduk Ngadau top 7 has been announced.

6.30pm: got update on the Unduk Ngadau results. Well it seems that some are playing swap-chair. Has this ever happened before? As Crystel herself wrote on her Facebook profile on the 2nd of June:

God had a plan & purpose for everything tat happened..mayb it was his will for me to get 2nd in DBKK.. so tat im not too over confident during the state level & i wil do better to win the state level..all i got to do is be gratefull for everything tat happened & thank God.. :) GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!

Unprecedented, the first mother & daughter State Unduk Ngadau. Her mother, Esther/Easter Sikayun had won it in 1984, 26 years earlier. Also, apparently she’s the first girl to have won while wearing a “sinipak Dusun Tindal.” [sinipak = long-sleeved blouse]

She got > RM38,000 worth of prizes, including studies at the ATI – perhaps the time has come for the organisers to add an online degree scholarship to the mix.

For the record, Debra Fiona Alexius who finished 3rd in the DBKK pageant finished 7th in the state level pageant where she represented Likas.

Full results:

Winner: Crystel Eve Huminodun Majinbon (Tanjung Aru)
2nd: Rochelle Fayrenie (Penampang)
3rd: Lydia John Alai (Kota Kinabalu)
4th: Ledesma Steven (Tuaran)
5th: Hannevy Vivie W Harry (Tambunan)
6th: Elforina [Eflorina?] Jolius (Pitas)
7th: Debra Fiona Alexius (Likas)

Subsidiary titles:
Miss DIGI Popular: Einny Emil (Kinabatangan)
Tati Topiodo (Miss Natural Beauty): (Papar)
Tati Tosuau (Miss Friendly): (Sook)

- many complaints of problematic China-made-phone-lookalikes, with vendors specially flown in from the peninsula by sponsors.