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Car fuel intake pipe replacement

Since last year I suspected that there’s something wrong my car’s fuel intake pipe. I first noticed it at one particular pump at the Shell station near Donggongon – its behaviour is rather peculiar – you’d have to keep it horizontal, otherwise it’ll just stop operating.

Everytime I use this pump fuel could be seen spilling out onto the ground next to the inside of the back left tyre. But if I use other pumps where you can keep the pump vertical, there’s no spillage.

However, peering into the fuel intake pipe, I could not see any holes. Nor did I notice any degradation of mileage, or any petrol smell when sitting inside the car.

On the 7th of January 2010 I decided to really check it out, and true enough, the pipe’s severely corroded and there’s not one but several holes near the top.

Got an RM35 replacment from the 76 at Kolombong. Would this be covered by any mechanical breakdown insurance?

Epilogue: after replacement, I didn’t notice any improvement in mileage!

You know your son is an Ultraman fanatic when… (part 2)

I think it’s time for an update since my last post about this about 2 years ago.

Has he gotten over all things Ultraman? Not in the least! If anything, I am seeing more Ultraman-themed toys lying about.

One of the things I remembered to take a photo of was this keychain.

And an Ultraman gun:

And an Ultraman blowup:

And an Ultraman birthday cake for his 5th birthday:

There was a photo of him beaming with an Ultraman ride which I can’t locate now. Then there was that Ultraman mask. Of course he can play Ultraman on Playstation for hours, has countless Ultraman statues, and there was once an Ultraman watch.

I saw Ultraman underwear in a shop some time back but luckily he didn’t see them.

Probably as a result of all this, now I can see Ultraman everywhere. Heck, I even noticed the name of the following foodstall in Lido recently:

The heavenly buns of Inanam, Sabah

Nowadays my head is full of matters related to my ongoing house project. It has reached the stage where I’m looking for doors and related accessories, amongst many other things. I have visited many hardware stores in and around Kota Kinabalu, but have not seen any that sells Baldwin hardware.

Anyway one weekend I needed a break after scouring Kolombong, and dropped by Inanam to visit Kedai Kopi Jeong Hin which can be found opposite Milimewa Supermarket.

[photo source]

The coffee shop is well-known for its super-delicious home-made, fresh-off-the-oven buns.

You can choose from several fillings – tausa (red bean), pineapple, peanuts, kaya & butter.

All tastes good – guaranteed.

It’s no surprise that everytime I go there the place is almost always full.

Online degree from Western Governors University

Western Governors University (WGU) was founded in 1997. It is a nonprofit, privately-funded distance learning university based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Currently with more than 15,000 students, everything is conducted online except for exams, where students have to personally be at the campus.

Sounds like a worthwhile place to consider doing one’s online degree, but only individuals living in the USA and some parts of Canada may enrol, with some special exceptions for US military personnel.

Courses offered are up to master’s level in IT, business, teacher education and health, so if you’re eligible you can consider getting your masters degree online.

Village life is not for the faint-hearted (part 3)

Back in November 2009 I wrote about some interesting creatures that lurk just outside and quite often INSIDE my house in my village.

On the 2nd of January 2010 I brought the whole family to “balik kampung” and what a new year greeting we got: a cobra was just outside and was trying to enter the house when the dog alerted everybody. It was killed by my brother’s deft blow to the head with a hoe.

The hero and the villain:

If we thought everything’s over and it was going to be a relaxing night, we were wrong: it was one of those nights where flying insects were everywhere, attracted to the lights.

We had to switch off the light in the living room. Luckily they did not come back the next night.

After considering all 3 parts of this blog post I think my Kota Kinabalu-raised kids could be forgiven for not wanting to go back there again; when the time comes, philly jobs .com could be one of the places they visit, with the intention of getting as far away from the village as possible?!