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Don’t bring this car to the United Kingdom

…or take out those big letters first, otherwise it will attract ridicule on UK streets, for it sounds dangerously close to a slang word one doesn’t normally want to be associated with.

Photo taken somewhere in Penampang on 20th September 2009.

That is why I think it’s better to have as few wordings on one’s car as possible, if at all. If you simply must have words displayed in front of you, do it indoors, like sticking it on your tv stand.

National-level things which have been named 1Malaysia

The Malaysian Prime Minister first announced the 1Malaysia concept “People First, Performance Now” in April 2009.

Inevitably, people started greeting each other with “Salam 1Malaysia”, and a typical speech or greeting could now start with “Salam sejahtera, salam mesra, salam ceria dan salam 1Malaysia.”

Then other huge things followed:

1Malaysia-Lotus F1 Team (1MF1), the national Formula 1 team announced in September and will start competing next year.

Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS1M), a RM10 billion fund announced in July and opened for subscription on 5th August, the largest fund offering ever by Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNB).

1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), a Government-owned sovereign wealth fund announced in July.

1Malaysia in Business Council, to integrate the concept of 1Malaysia into business, announced in July.

Things went into overdrive during the 2010 budget speech on 23rd October, whose theme even had the moniker on it, thus “1Malaysia, Together We Prosper”:

1Malaysia Student Discount Card: for 50% off travelling on Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB).

1Malaysia Clinic: community clinics in urban areas similar to clinics in rural areas.

1Malaysia Sukuk: Islamic Bond

1Malaysia Retirement Scheme: for the self-employed and those without fixed income, to be EPF-administered.

… and the upcoming national-level 2009 Deepavali celebrations will be named… yes, you guessed right: 1Malaysia Deepavali Open House 2009 which will be held near Port Dickson on 1st November.

Now it’s just a matter of time before a newborn is given the name “1Malaysia”. Perhaps if you google it right now via one of your laptop computers, someone’s baby might already have been named one!

But I think so far the most unbelieveable is 1Toilet in schools policy by the state government of Terengganu where “teachers – and even principals – will share toilets with their students” so that “teachers and students could have a feeling of oneness” because “when students share the toilets with the teacher, they (students) will believe that they are on par with academicians and this automatically invokes a sense of being important to an organisation, which, in this case, is the school.”

But things with names beginning with the number one has been around for longer, examples that come to mind include shopping malls 1Utama and 1Borneo. Perhaps the PM got his inspiration from there?

Sabah state award recipients over the years

Also known as the Sabah Yang di-Pertua Negri’s birthday honours list, or Sabah honours list.

The full list of persons who have received all the awards since 1962 is available at e-bintang.

Up till 2008, some observations:

135 persons have been awarded the state’s highest honour, the Seri Panglima Darjah Kinabalu (Grand Commander of the Order of Kinabalu) which carries the title “Datuk Seri Panglima.”

1,052 persons have been awarded the state’s second highest honour, the Panglima Gemilang Darjah Kinabalu (Commander of the Order of Kinabalu) which carries the title “Datuk.”

So in all the state has given out about 1,200 Datukships thus far. Is that too many – i.e. so many that Datuks have to have their own promotional products in order to stand out?

In 1962, the first year the state honours were given, 21 people received JPs (Justice of Peace).

In 1963, 80 people received honours, including the first 22 people to be made Datuks:


From my readings, the award was initially known as “The Sabah Illustrious Order of Kinabalu – 1st Class (Darjah Yang Amat Mulia Kinabalu – Panglima Darjah Kinabalu and officially abbreviated P.D.K.)” and currently known as the Panglima Gemilang Darjah Kinabalu (PGDK).

In that same year, later giants in the local political scene received their first honours: Ahli Darjah Kinabalu (ADK) medals for OKK Sakaran Dandai and 24-year-old Peter Mojuntin.

How Telekom Malaysia/Streamyx gave me the runaround

Sometime at the end of September my 5-year old Aztech DSL305E ADSL modem finally died: the DSL light refuses to come on.

On 1 Oct 2009, I called 100 and was given a ticket. In addition, the support guy said:

- modem is ok
- even though DLS light is off it does not mean modem is damaged
- something wrong at their side because windows gives “limited
connectivity” status on taskbar.
- hence, they need to “reset their port”
- to be completed by tomorrow
- they will call my handphone tomorrow to confirm that line is now ok

The next day a local TM contractor called me and said “port has been reset”.

But when he heard me saying that DSL light is totally off even when
disconnected from phone line, he immediately said “modem definitely
damaged, it’s not a port problem.”

He also added that “no such thing as lifetime warranty – only 2 years max”. For good measure, I also attempted to reconnect, as expected, cannot.

On the 10th of October, I bought a new modem and it worked perfectly.

When I called 100 again on 19 Oct 2009, 5pm, the lady on the line said:
(i) yes, my Aztech modem is on lifetime warranty
(ii) yes, the modem has been recorded as damaged in their system (!!).

But I was told (i) by the support guy on 100 but the opposite from the
support guy in KK. And I was told (ii) by the support guy in KK but
the opposite from the support guy in KL!

Anyhow, the lady then told me to now go to any TMPoint, quote my
username and they will give me a new modem on the spot.

I went to TMPoint Sadong Jaya 21st October 2009 afternoon and the guy at the counter said:
- yes, my package is lifetime warranty for the modem
- TMPoint does not give out replacement modems over the counter
- The usual procedure is: TM technician has to go to my house to
verify that the modem is indeed broken, then replace it there and then
- Some of the staff manning 100 are new, hence “they don’t fully
understand TM’s procedures”
- He then sent an email to a technician requesting him to contact me to verify that the modem is indeed broken and after that to
proceed to replace

On the morning of 23 October 2009 a TM representative called and said:
- definitely only 1 year warranty; he has all my records
- I have to buy my own replacement modem (as I have done)
- TMPoint is a subsidiary of TM and they sometimes “just say something
to please the customer”; same with 100

Conclusion: TM & its associates giving customers the runaround, silos in the company. I might have had more time on the PS3 as a result, but this is going to MCMC.

Tennis legend Margaret Court in Sabah

Tennis living legend Rev Dr Margaret Court, 67 was in Kota Kinabalu last weekend playing tennis for 30 minutes at the Sutera Harbour Resort covered tennis court.

She is the most successful tennis player who ever lived, with 62 Grand Slam titles, the first of which was the Australian Open in 1963 when she was 17, becoming the first Australian to win a Grand Slam, and the last of which was the US Open women’s doubles in 1975 with Virginia Wade, when they defeated Rosie Casals and Billie Jean King:

YouTube Preview Image

She won 24 Grand Slam singles titles, a record still unrivalled: 11 Australian Opens, 5 French Opens, 3 Wimbledons and 5 US Opens.

An interesting observation: she plays righthanded…

yet writes with her left hand:

Don’t you dare say she looks more like a Ladybug steam cleaners saleswoman than the greatest tennis player who ever walked the earth. The person who took the photos said she could still easily defeat men more than half her age.

Sources (photos and news)

New Sabah Times, 18th October 2009

Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, blogger

As if we needed any more reminder that blogging has truly gone mainstream (industrial computer not needed), Tan Sri Bernard Dompok is now a blogger. Dompok, the President of Upko, Member of Parliament for Penampang and Minister of Plantation Industries has launched his blog, through which he will share his thoughts and opinions.

[via SMS]

The first entry touched on the triennial, 12th Upko Congress 10-12th October 2009, and already there’s a “hot button” question there.

Popimasi tops Carta Lagu Dusun (Dusun Song Chart) for the third week running, 11th October 2009

Update 2/2/14: Popimasi was formerly known as Papier Mache.


UPDATE 17th November 2009

As of Sunday the 15th of November 2009, this song has topped the Dusun Song Chart for the 5th time and been on the charts for 13 weeks.

AFAIK, the order (incomplete, might be wrong): 4-5-1-2-1-1-1-3-4-1


They’ve done it again. After topping the local charts for the second consecutive week last week I wondered if they could keep up the momentum, especially with that excellent song, “Sopirosi-rosi” by Ridah Annie Malanjang snapping at their heels.

The chart as of the 4th of October 2009:

But after a little suspense courtesy of DJ Matinin Yukin, they were declared as chart-toppers yet again last night. By the way, the chart show starts 9.30pm local time and lasts for an hour on Sabah Vfm which can also be heard online. Do give it a listen, you can still browse for your Ferrari parts at the same time :-p

Once again, thank you for those who sent in their votes and if you like what you hear please continue to support them by voting by way of SMS: send JLD PAP to 32776. Charges: 50 sen per SMS.

I really hope to see them winning the Bontugan Sinding Dusun (Dusun Song of the Year).

The album can also be purchased from me.

Terima kasih!


The worst power failure in Penampang for 2009?

Probably the worst power failure in Penampang so far this year occured on Saturday the 10th of October, where it lasted about 4 hours.

Not as bad as the one on 21st of April 2008, but in this day and age, that is unacceptable.

Someone told me it started at 9 something pm (another said 8 something). I was away in the state capital for a dinner function then. On my way back on the highway approaching Donggongon at almost 11pm, it was pitch dark.

Electricity was only restored around 1am.

I think many hands were sore fanning their overheating children last night, including mine :-( During those times, one would rather live in a temperate country, where a lack of electricity to power the electric blanket would not be such a big problem.

The next morning, a little bird told me that the disruption was caused by a contractor accidentally severing underground electrical cables somewhere in the district.

Popimasi tops Carta Lagu Dusun (Dusun Song Chart) for the second week running

Update 2/2/14: Popimasi was formerly known as Papier Mache.


As of 4th October 2009, Popimasi has topped Sabah’s Dusun Song Chart for the second consecutive week.

As of 27th September 2009, the chart looks like this, Popimasi climbing 4 places:

The song is the early Beatles-inspired “Matai Patai Do Masi”, probably the most heavily Beatles-influenced Dusun song ever written.

… at this rate they could afford their own rv and perhaps its accessory: rv towing sooner or later …

This is the song performed live on 1st August 2009 at City Mall, Kota Kinabalu:

YouTube Preview Image

Also check out a preview of the studio version and another live version recorded in July 2007.

Thank you for those who sent in their votes and if you like what you hear please support them by voting by way of SMS: send JLD PAP to 32776. Charges: 50 sen per SMS.

The album can also be purchased from me.

Thank you!