Coca-Cola: Sabah’s most (in)famous dog?

Update 17th June 2009

It’s been pointed out to me that the larger dog is Coca-Cola and the smaller one, its daughter, is Pepsi-Cola.


It became infamous when it was paraded by its owner at KDCA Hall at the height of the Kaamatan celebrations (end of May 2005) dressed in what looked like Kadazan/Dusun traditional attire. In local culture, that is taboo.

The incident was furiously debated in a top local newspaper for some time.

Someone took a video of it then:

YouTube Preview Image

The dog is a regular sight in and around Kota Kinabalu, in invariably different and colourful costume every time.

Rahma saw the dog towards the end of May 2009 at Gaya Street Sunday Market:

The owner:

Dorina took the following photo in January 2006:

Disney took the following photo in January 2009 (?)

Elleycia took the following photo on 30th May 2009 at KDCA Hall:

I took the following photo on 31st May 2009 (the following day) at KDCA Hall:

7 thoughts on “Coca-Cola: Sabah’s most (in)famous dog?

  1. i have a picture of this dog taken last year when its owner brought it to the dog competition at KDCA.

    it looked big in your video as well as the pic taken by dorina. probably it was pregnant that time.

    i just noticed that the owner also put colorful hair band on its legs. look like wrist band pula.

  2. remember what orang tua2 punya advice – don’t ridicule or play2 or simbarana or exploit or kasi main2 animals – kada kama!!!!

  3. The young one should be Pepsi-Cola. Its mother Coca-Cola is a bit old and become tired easily for a walk.

    I also got a video of coca-cola in Kadus attire in 2005, but remove it from my blog later coz of the debate.

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