Dusun song of the year 2009

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The Dusuns are arguably Sabah’s finest songwriters and vocalists – think Asmin Mudin, Justin Lusah and John Gaisah.

They never fail to produce good songs, year in and out.

The 2009 edition of what is essentially The Dusun Song Awards (Bontugan Sinding Dusun” or “Juara Carta Pop Dusun) was held at Ranau Community Hall on 14th March 2009.

I think this is the 2nd time this was held, first time in 2007.

There were 10 finalists, the top songs at the Dusun Song Charts maintained by Sabah Vfm (the local radio station).

Some of them are truly excellent songs, I’d recommend you to give them a listen, never mind if you don’t understand the lyrics.

The finalists were:

Linda Nanuwil – Upus Tolidang

Linda, the Akademi Fantasia Season 2 (2004) runnerup wrote this song, her lead single from her first Dusun-language album released August 2008. Excellent stuff.

Studio version
Live on the night

Jo-Anna Sue Henley Rampas – Koupusan

The 2007 Unduk Ngadau is an excellent vocalist, and songwriter to boot! This self-penned number has been around several years.

Studio version
On the night

Diana Stephen Tuning – Kada Noh Soroho

A catchy number from the D’Angels Music and Education Centre manager, the 2005 Sugandoi runnerup.

On the night

Benn Simon Bukag – Bisorou Mamatos Kolungguyan

Now this guy (on the left of the pic above) has what I think is the best Sabahan male singing voice of the last few years.

Studio version
On the night

Danny F. Malinggi – Kada Oku Sundualai

Another excellent self-penned song; this is one of the best Dusun songs I’ve ever heard: one listen, you’re hooked: it’s that catchy. I wonder why I never noticed it when it ruled local airwaves in 2003.

Noveson Galuan – Polombusan Ku Suang Ginawo

John Dautis – Piupusan Di Kosusuni

Leonard Sentia – Insasamadai Kolungguian Ku

This guy has a very distinctive voice.

S. Welly – Pogiroto Do Ginawo

Nokuro 29 – Nokuro Tuh

The only group to make the final.


“Juara Carta Lagu Dusun” (essentially Dusun Song of the Year) – Benn Simon Bukag’s Bisorou Mamatos Kolungguyan

Best Performance – Leonard Sentia

Most Popular Dusun Song (determined via SMS) – Leonard Sentia

Best Vocals – Jo-Anna Sue Henley Rampas


5 thoughts on “Dusun song of the year 2009

  1. I agree…the quality of dusun songs or rather songs in any language composed by Dusun songwriters and lyricist have gone up. I like usually listen to Suria.FM with Othoe in morning. Lately three songs that impressed me….the Dusun version of Sayang Kinabalu which evokes some emotional feeling like Shimauta to Okinawans. There other two..a malay number by Atama and Clarice John (pls correct me) don’t remember the title and Melodi Kasih by Betcy Michael. I’m not sure if all the song were done by Dusuns. I will listen to the ones you recommend thanks.

  2. Yes, Sayang Kinabalu is well on the way to attaining iconic status. If it gets covered by artistes from other countries, like Jambatan Tamparuli did, then surely it’ll be Kadus’ most famous song ever.

    The Malay song I think was a collaboration between Den Bisa (very popular Bajau singer) and Clarice J Matha. Forgot the title too – but the melody seems quite nice.

    As for Betcy, I only remember Mantad Sisimba, the other(s) are not quite as memorable. Mantad Sisimba’s melody was written by Douglas Henry – another up and coming songwriter (in fact a multitalented guy),

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