Peter Cetera & Chicago live in Kota Kinabalu, 27th February 2009

6 Feb 2009

Sorry, it’s cancelled.


Sabah has shown yet again that it’s an extra special place, at least in the country.

For his Malaysian stop of his 2009 world tour legendary pop vocalist Peter Cetera of Chicago fame chose 2 venues only: the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands and… Kota Kinabalu. In fact, he’d be doing KK first on the 27th of February, before heading over to the peninsula.

I think this is his first ever show in Malaysia.

What makes this show extra special is that for the first time in at least 15 years the frontman is performing with his band, Chicago.

Hence, it’s a given that the songlist would at least contain these all-time classics:

(i) Glory of Love
(ii) Forever Tonight
(iii) If You Leave Me Now
(iv) Baby What a Big Surprise
(v) You’re the Inspiration
(vi) Hard To Say I’m Sorry

For those who know the songs above, I am sure you will not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Place: Chancellor Hall, University Malaysia Sabah
Ticket prices:
- Numbered seats: RM353, RM283, RM233
- Free seating: RM173 & RM123
Details: 03-9223-3667 / to

… some people might be so frustrated by this that they gain superhuman strength and start overturning cars without even using car lifts …

16 thoughts on “Peter Cetera & Chicago live in Kota Kinabalu, 27th February 2009

  1. Cool, you blogged about it, I was telling Mel before Christmas last year that we MUST see Peter Cetera @ Genting Highlands in 2009! :-) I’m definitely going for this!

  2. but last year i completely missed AIR SUPPLY Live in KK (maggelan sutera resort)….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and in 1996 – i didnt go to MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK concert at Likas Stadium!!!!!!!!!!!! I prefered magnum at kg instead……….. what a regret whoaaaaaaaaaaa aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. strangely – a attended dahlan zainuddin and sweet charity concert at Dewan Tun Hamdan Tamparuli in the 1980s insteadddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!

    What if we have Celine Dion live at Dewan Tun Fuad, KIULU?????????????

    or even AMY SEARCH live in FIRE HOUSE????????????

  4. That’s why we cannot let this 3rd chance slip by.

    Count your blessings:
    (i) the unforgettable 28-year-old Anita Sarawak in 1980 – before Las Vegas, before Bawalah Daku Pergi.
    (ii) many people haven’t heard the LIVE rock version of Camelia II; and most young people have only heard Kristal’s version of Zakiah. Add to that the monumental Jangan Tunggu Lama-Lama.
    (iii) already seen Amy Search in an intimate setting in 2004 – not in a stadium, and it turned out to be a real gem! How many times in a lifetime can one listen to Amy belting out the chorus of Mentari Merah Di Ufuk Timur a mere few feet away???

    Celine Dion – that day will come…

  5. Hi Ben
    Thanks for the info, oh..i try not to miss this concert. Love the songs by Peter Cetera :-)
    My regards and belated Happy New Year to Jane and your family kio

  6. As previously discussed, the far-out dream would be ending all wars, then have a celebration where the following people play in a band together live onstage:

    lead vocals: Kim Jong Il
    guitars: Vellupilai Prabhakaran
    guitars: Osama bin Laden
    bass: Khaled Mashaal
    drums: Mullah Mohd Omar

  7. and suggested most suitable name of the band above??

    1. The Missiles
    2. The Bullets
    3. Kill, Kill, Kill
    4. Die, Die, Die
    5. Get Rich or Die Tryin
    6. No Missiles, No Fun
    7. No Bombs, No Cry
    8. Kill Em All…!!!
    9. Armageddon Rhapsody..!!
    10. Blood Thirsty Guys
    11. Melody and Music of the Angle of Death
    12. We Will We Will Bomb You
    13. Annihilators
    14. The Mozart and Beethoven of Death
    15. We are The Champions of the World…!!!!

  8. and compulsory songs to be performed by them are :

    1. LOVE HURTS (at the highest level)
    3. SIMPLY THE BEST – TINA TURNER (I heard Jong Ill favourite)
    4. KUCH KUCH HOTA HEI (if not performer – Vellupillai Marah)
    5. TONG HUA (Michael Wong – Jong Ill favoutite also)
    6. GILA JUDI (M DAUD KILAU) AND MAT BOND (MAT SENTUL) AND SPY – this is to ease the very high tension on stage!!)

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