Horseracing accident at Royal Sabah Turf Club, Tanjung Aru

While most people were preoccupied with the F2 Powerboat World Cup my son pestered me to watch horseracing at Tanjung Aru instead.

We only stayed a few minutes, because an incident happened during the very first race we watched.

Two jockeys fell off, one apparently seriously injured. I am not sure if Ethan will like horses very much after this.

If there’s one thing I learnt, it’s to bring a point and shoot camera with video-taking capability at all times, you never know what might present itself…

YouTube Preview Image

…Were english saddles used?

17 thoughts on “Horseracing accident at Royal Sabah Turf Club, Tanjung Aru

  1. Wow..that’s priceless…you caught it on video. I was hoping for scenes like this at the F2 race. Maybe I’ll visit the racetrack one Sunday.

  2. disney, we were wishing for the same thing but never happened. :-)

    why it seem like the horseman r saved by audiences?
    very very wrong way to carry an injured person. hope he will be fine.

  3. Yes, I was quite lucky, if usage of that word is appropriate in this case.

    Condition of RSTC public area leaves much to be desired though.

  4. Either Sabahan spectators are very helpful or they know the jockey.

    If you noticed one guy even wanted to tear down the fence.

  5. We were getting restless waiting for the race to start – there was one horse which refused to go into the starting grid, even dropping its jockey in the process. Then, very first race, we got this happening right in front of us!

  6. Siapa manang kalau ini semua berlumba 100 meter olympics style?? – a cheetah, the fastest horse in the world, a ferrari, a lamborghini, a formula one car, a mustang, a lion, Usain Bolt, a Boeing 747, soyuz TMA spacecraft, a Harley Davidson, FA-18 Hornet fighter jet, Harrier jet, MIG 29N, AK47 bullet, M16 bullet, Watson Nyambek, Dr M Jegathesan, Misbun Sidek, Suchart Jaesurapparp, Sumet Promna, Ratjai Saripet, Lydia De Vega, PT Usha, Flo-Jo, Ben Johnson, Benn S Bukag, Abu Bakar Ellah, Dud, Dunik and Rabuan Pit and Ellron Alfred Angin (former fastest men in Asia)??


  7. Kalah semua itu. Ada satu ja yg laju, tapi sia pun tidak pasti apa itu benda, sebab terlampau laju. Jadi sia tdk nampak la…. hi hi hi. hepi niu yer…

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