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Presenting a paper at a seminar held in a 5-star resort

I haven’t presented a paper at a seminar in 3 years until yesterday afternoon, during the “Strategising, Managing & Securing your Information Assets” seminar at Magellan Sutera, Kota Kinabalu.

Talking about a dry topic for 45 minutes right after lunch will always be a challenge, and this being a government (i.e. official) event, I couldn’t possibly do a Steve Riley i.e. walking around in shorts and standing on a chair ;-)

Having said that, I think the most difficult part is always the Q&A session, because:

(i) there are too many possible questions, you can’t possible anticipate them all and prepare for each one thoroughly. I preprepared answers to 2 questions which I thought was the hardest and most likely to be asked – they were not.

(ii) you have very little time to prepare an answer, in fact you are pressured to give an answer. After the question is asked, hundreds of expectant eyeballs are on you, and you are seated right in front, onstage.

Thank you organisers for the book and the delicious handmade chocolates!

Obama and McCain demonstrates how to make a victory & concession speech

On 4th November 2008, Democratic candidate Barack Obama delivered his presidential acceptance speech in Chicago, Illinois in front of a reported quarter million people:

YouTube Preview Image


Rev Jesse Jackson, the last black to stand for president before Obama was seen in the crowd waiting for Obama to appear, and he was in tears:

Click here to see the video

Unmissable event for badminton fans: BWF Super Series Masters Finals, Kota Kinabalu, 18-21 December 2008

This is surely THE event of the year for Sabah’s badminton fans: the Badminton World Federation (BWF) has recently confirmed that the BWF Super Series Masters Finals 2008 will take place in our very own Kota Kinabalu.

Total prize money is more than RM1 million, this is the badminton tournament with the world’s biggest prizemoney.

For sure I’d be there, for it’s a rare and very special opportunity to see for yourselves world-class badminton in action here.

The last time was several years ago in the Malaysian Open where Chen Hong defeated Lee Chong Wei in the singles and the doubles were between a Korean and Chinese pair.

BWF website