Papier Mache’s “Nung Olingan Oku Dia” up for Pertisa’s 2008 Awards

My brother’s band Papier Mache‘s Kadazandusun song “Nung Olingan Oku Dia” has been listed in the “Most Popular Song” category for Pertisa’s 2008 Awards.

BTW, Pertisa is short for “Persatuan Artis Tempatan Sabah” (Association of Sabahan Local Artistes).

A live, acoustic version of that song, performed on 18th October 2008 at New Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon is available on youtube.

A preview of the studio version of the song is available at their website (the 4th song in the playlist).

Voting commenced on 17th November 2008 and will close on 29th November 2008.

Winners are those who get the most number of votes via the local paper New Sabah Times.

How to vote:
1. Get/purchase/borrow New Sabah Times newspaper during the voting period.
2. Locate and cut out the form – should be somewhere in the middle.
3. Mark your selection with a ballpoint pen.
4. Send the form to the address stated in it.

Detailed info is available at Pertisa’s blog.

Full list of nominees.

Thank you for your support!

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