50 year old Madonna shows how to rock live in concert, 23rd August 2008

The power of the internet, you won’t see this anywhere else this quick.

See it while it lasts.

The Queen of Pop, Madonna, 50 opened her 8th world tour at Cardiff, Wales on 23rd August 2008.

Borderline, one of my favourite Madonna songs, is one of the songs during that concert, performed rock version.

How many 50-yr old women can rock like this?

There are many more amateur videos of that concert on youtube: that woman sure knows how to put up a show.

4 thoughts on “50 year old Madonna shows how to rock live in concert, 23rd August 2008

  1. I think you will change your mind in a flash if your favourite band(s)/artist(es) are performing… Are you saying you won’t attend an Air Supply concert given half a chance?

    Of course it’d be more “civilised” than typical rock concerts, like that Lionel Richie concert where even VVIPs attended.

  2. heyy there are a lot of middle age ladies who can rock like that…. just go to any moginum session in any kampungs and after 35 glasses of singgarung – you will hear the ladies ‘mimpangkis’, tinggi rendah, mogolimpasa and momis tiou!!!

    even madonna pun lari!!!!!!!!

    but however i prefer ghazal, muzik gambus, zapin, ronggeng and m daud kilau music!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Definitely if the infamous “Maduna” or even “Maria Mariana” or “Plastic Woman” does her thing, the real Madonna would shake her head in disbelief.

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