Wedding photographs with a difference

The weekend of 26 & 27th July was wedding weekend – my sister in law got married.

Rather than taking the usual photographs, I decided to do something slightly different: include the photographers in the picture.

I think this is my best photo of the lot:

Jackie of Everbest with one of his 2 DSLRs:

5 thoughts on “Wedding photographs with a difference

  1. speaking of wedding, i wonder when mr joseph ratruspin @ the mistaken pope will get married???

    and speaking of joseph, i want to share about the name joseph… and the many similarities…

    everybody knows datuk seri joseph pairin kitingan right? he is the president of pbs as well as sabah deputy chief minister… his current portfolio is menteri pembangunan luar bandar sabah… (note the word luar bandar)..

    the similarities are here…

    kementerian pembangunan luar bandar in 2004 (after general election 2004)

    menteri : Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan
    pembantu menteri : Datuk Tawfiq Abu Bakar Titingan

    - here, there is a similiarity in the name Kitingan and Titingan…!!!

    and after the recently concluded march general election 2008, datuk seri joseph pairin kitingan remains minister of rural development…

    menteri : Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan
    and this time his pembantu menteri is : Datuk Sairin Karno

    - here there is a similarity in the name Pairin and Sairin….!!!!
    and Datuk Sairin Karno is state assemblyman for Liawan in Keningau, while Datuk Pairin is also the MP for Keningau…!!

    and as if that is not enough after the march 2008 general election, the same rural development portolio in the federal level (kementerian pembangunan luar bandar dan kemajuan wilayah persekutuan) also consists of 2 Joseph!!!
    - note there are 2 Deputy Ministers Post for that Portfolio..

    Timbalan Menteri 1 – Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun (from Sarawak)
    Timbalan Menteri 2 – Tan Sri Joseph Kurup (MP for Pensiangan)

    and to top it all – the minister for that portfolio is a guy with 2 same names..

    Menteri Pembangunan Luar Bandar & Kemajuan Wilayah – Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib… (note the 2 Muhammads)

    Tan sri Mat taib is the only minister with 2 similar names – the 2 Muhammads… in the federal cabinet lineup…. it is unusual for a person to have 2 similar names – just like kay kay kastum or kay kastum kastum or ben ben godomon or ben godomon godomon or joseph joseph ruspin or joseph ruspin ruspin…!!!


  2. You sound more and more like a conspiracy theorist here… just like that Kennedy & Lincoln similarities….

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