Sabah Medical Centre customers do not understand English?

Sorry, title of post is not entirely accurate – as you can see clearly, the notice was not only in English but the other main languages of the country too, so definitely there’s no excuse of not understanding it. Quite mind boggling, especially as I could see that some of them are even wearing luxury watches.


Spotted earlier today near the cashier counter on the 5th floor.

Instead of the expected pieces of paper / envelopes containing suggestions, you can see other things instead:

Perhaps any transparent locked box with a hole on top immediately means donation box to some people?

11 thoughts on “Sabah Medical Centre customers do not understand English?

  1. ada pun tu perkataan Bahasa Melayu tu sana ..owhh mengkali saja2 ba derang mau
    bagi duit balance tu habis banyak duit ..kikikiki

  2. This situation of peti cadangan recall me one of my friend…
    Di sekolah mengisi borang supaya dapat pinjam buku teks sekolah. That was 1984.
    Cikgu asked: Hadin, apa perhubungan u dengan penjaga?
    Murid (Hadin): Jalanraya cikgu!!
    (The answere supposed to be Uncle or Bapa or Bapa Angkat, depending how he call his penjaga).

    Now…, i hope these people really understand what they did (putting) the money inside the peti cadangan, otherwise it simply way to impress outsider how the Sabahan average Minds…. (IQ)

  3. One person dropped a coin without reading what’s written on the box, and the rest just followed suit… telampau malas mau membaca! hehe

    p.s: Hello to you :)

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