What is your favourite song by the King of Pop?

My favourite Michael Jackson song is Dirty Diana (off his 1987 album Bad).

Being a live music enthusiast, I like it more when it’s performed live, with Steve Stevens and Jennifer Batten onstage!

What is your favourite MJ song?

Incidentally, yesterday was my birthday; unfortunately the last time I *really* celebrated it was years ago when I turned 21, of which the highlight was when we went to see Judas Priest in concert. Nowadays, my birthday invitations list is much shorter: it usually comprises of the wife and kids only…

Embedding has been disabled, so you’ll have to go to youtube direct: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJpLGQpngDI

6 thoughts on “What is your favourite song by the King of Pop?

  1. Hmm…I like a lot of his songs especially from the older albums – pre HIStory album. “Man in the mirror” and “Smooth Criminal” among others. And haven’t seen that live version before.

  2. My fav MJ album is Bad (1987). Perhaps it’s just me, but I only like 3 songs off his best known album Thriller (1982), the best selling album of all time.

  3. It must be “Beat It”!!! I like the way he dance there. Puppet and breakdance. These dance was soo popular at that time. I was in primary 4 or 5. My friend and i were asked to perform in a function. During the practice, i did the head-spin which scared off my teacher. She cancelled our performance hahaha…

  4. Last time I was so out of date, I heard Beat It for the first time in 1984, freaking 2 years after the song was received!

    Since I did not see the video then, the first thing that struck me was the guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen – I was so amazed, never even thought it’s possible for a human to play like that.

  5. I love MJ till today…but my fav song would be pre-HIStory album too as Jewelle mentioned. Beat It, Billie Jean, oh almost all actually..heheheh..bias sikit bah..cuz i like him so so much…

  6. MJ is the biggest star ever to have performed in Malaysia (I think it was in 1996 at Merdeka Stadium for 2 days). The upcoming concert by Celine Dion would be the 2nd.

    I dont remember why I didnt even go to that MJ concert then, I was working in Ipoh then.

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