The greatest Kadazandusun music album ever

In my humble opinion, it has got to be Justin Lusah’s volume 1 (1976).

Why? For starters the album has at least 5 total classics: favourite songs of every sumazau music lover – I bet you won’t find any Kadazandusun, young or old, with the slightest interest in local music, that won’t know these songs. Guaranteed available in every karaoke bar, at least in Sabah.

Even after 30+ years, it still towers above all the others.

Just look at this lineup, especially the first 5, it’s a dream team!

1. Sumandak mantad sunsuron
2. Namot nu poingsikul – beautiful refrain repeated over and over again
3. Odu aki – I think this is should’ve been selected as a national song, rather than Jambatan Tamparuli. Perhaps the English lyrics proved to be its undoing.
4. Kada arau monduli – Probably this is the first instance ever recorded of the now ubiquitous keyboard intro riff. This song was rerecorded in Volume 2; but I prefer this more laidback version. Another beautiful refrain repeated over and over again.
5. Oi darling – This features a keyboard riff that was fashionable in the 70s and early 80s. Nobody uses this riff nowadays. This song was rerecorded in Volume 2; but I prefer this more laidback version. Another beautiful refrain repeated over and over again.
6. Sumulok bawang Sunsuron
7. Ralan Kumaa Kinabalu
8. Pitongkiadan Kito do Toruhai
9. Kosusaan Id Piginawaan

Not a single weak track – this is Mr Lusah’s masterpiece. Tracks 6 to 9 seemed rather obscure in comparison, due to the incomparable heights reached by tracks 1 to 5.

This album does NOT contain “Jambatan Tamparuli”: that appears in volume 2, apparently produced in the same year.

Having said that, local album covers during that era usually featured artistes in various poses, unfortunately in forgettable garb, never in an Oscar de la Renta for example…

16 thoughts on “The greatest Kadazandusun music album ever

  1. Satu usaha yg baik. Mendengar lagu2 lama dpt menenangkan fikiran. Alangkah bagus kalau ada lagu2 drp penyanyi kadazan spt Pat Micheal, Justin Stimol, Ambrose Mudi dan lain-lain lagi. Lagu2 mereka jarang kedengaran berkumandang di corong2 radio belakangan ini. Teruskan usaha…

  2. Ada, nanti saya masukkan. Tapi tidak semua, kerana kalau mau beli dari RTM pun dia tidak mau jual. DJ tu suruh lagi rekod di radio – itulah yg saya buat jika ada kesempatan.

  3. I got my copy on tape a few years ago from Kinabalu Records. Kg Air, KK. I am not sure if they still have this. I did not see it on CD, unlike Volume 2.

    As usual, due to problems with the tape medium, I converted everything to mp3.

  4. but in term of vocal, john gaisah, george lian and evaristus gungkit are better still than mr lusah… but aaa in fact aaaa mr lusah songs melody in that 1976 are beyond compare……..

    takpa mr lusah, besok lusa orang tatap masih beli itu lagu


  6. It is rare, and a great gift, to be both an excellent songwriter and excellent vocalist. Justin Lusah’s vocals might not be the best, but he’s a great songwriter. It’s a pity that it all started to dry up from Volume 4.

    IMHO, John Gaisah was Kadus music’s greatest ever vocalist until he was upstaged by Evaristus Gungkit in 1992. Everybody has his own opinion of course, and while George Lian, Francis Landong and Hain Jasli are great vocalists in their own right, Evaristus is, after 15 years, still the man at the top.

  7. Oh my… I seriously feel like crying listening to Odu Aki. It really brings back all the good old memories. Even now I feel like I’ve been transported to those yesteryears, when my Grandfather is still alive. Is it ok if I download the songs? Thanx for this great share.

  8. Glad you enjoyed it – this song (and the album of course) is difficult to find nowadays. I can only provide the songs in its present format i.e. streaming.

  9. I hope they still sell it at Kinabalu Records. Sabahans should treasure it. By the way, do u know what is torila muda? Cos I’m listening to the song now, but not by original singer. It sounds different and very catchy. Haha

  10. listening to dusun songs always make me feel dying to come home. being in a place where nobody speaks dusun get me the ‘ don’t belong here’ kinda feeling. listenin to aramai ti by francis landong make me feel like coming home, huhu. i wonder how do i get dusun hits tru the internet, wana have more of ‘em

  11. You can start at; of course it would be better to purchase the originals, if you can find them…

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