Online casinos reviewed

For those into online gambling, you are spoilt for choice. Apparently there are currently almost 3,000 online casinos to choose from.

A staggering number, but which online casino is the best?

Those making their first foray, and even seasoned campaigners, would do well to have a shortlist of sites to check out before settling on one. In other words, it’s a timesaver. reviews these and so far has done so for hundreds of them. Important factors determining your final selection such as game experience, trust score and bonuses offered for online poker, craps, slots and roulette are examined in detail.

According to, the best online casino overall is, with a maximum bonus of USD600, an Editor Rating of 9.5 and Player Rating of 8.

Having said that, not all players are the same – each has their own preferences in things like features, bonus structures and even graphics. Therefore it’s worth reading as much reviews as possible.

As an additional incentive, there is the casino signup bonus on every review page, whose amount are usually bigger than what the online casions offer directly.

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