Ashop Commerce’s hosted shopping cart software

Ashop Commerce is a US based company offering a total solution for you to begin selling online. Their products include hosted shopping cart software.

There are of course many other companies offering similar services, so Ashop Commerce listed several ways in which they stand out from the rest:

Firstly, some of the other vendors offer “shop in a box” facilities. Ashop claims that you have to bear in mind that there could be hidden costs in things like upgrades, security, support, hosting, bugs, feature upgrades, advice, gateway fees as well as the software purchase. The whole thing can end up costing you more than you expected, as well as being not beginner-friendly to set up.

Secondly, vendors offer development of web stores from scratch. However this entails time and money: both precious commodities. There are also monthly fees which can turn out to be similar in amount to Ashop’s fees.

Lastly, Ashop claims that they are specialists in online shopping cart software development, and that most other companies can only give you a portion, and an inferior one at that, of what Ashop can do. In fact, most shopping cart providers are in reality, companies that simply resell existing ecommerce software, not one that they developed themselves.

Ashop’s software can do the whole range: stock control, customer relations, search engine promotions, sales reports and invoicing.

That, as well as the following:
- free technical support services by e-mail, web chat and phone
- fully customizable design. This is done from the web-based administration panel
- free upgrades as technology improves
- free SSL security
- search engine optimization
- affordable monthly payments. The cost starts at less than USD40 per month.

Perhaps the best is this: you can sign up for a full-function 10 day free trial, without even the need to give out your credit card details.

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