Mourinho’s abrupt farewell leaves Chelsea FC fans shell-shocked

The new manager

First official statement on Chelsea FC’s official website

As of a few hours ago, the forum thread at Chelsea FC’s official website entitled “Official: Chelsea and Jose Mourinho Have Parted Company” had had more than 30,000 views and more than 500 replies in 23 pages, the most popular thread in the entire website.

The first few pages had fans fans expressing shock and disbelief, even one lashing out at Roman Abramovich himself! Some selected forum entries:

Please tell me this is all crap! Please!

I actually feel sick! I’m in total shock! I don’t know what to say.

Avram Grant is gonna ****ing be in charge when we face Utd. stupid

If we lose him we are in trouble. Its not when we lose him that makes a difference, its the fact that we have lost him if its all true, we won’t be the same team. Without him our team is already 50% weaker again if its true.

Regardless of who Roman’s main target is – Ramos I suspect – the rumour is Grant will be in charge in the meantime. Nice. Kenyon will have to go now, whether he walks or he’s pushed. If he stays he’s a liar. If he goes it’s because he backed Jose and Roman’s had enough of him.

I will always remember him for bringing two titles to Chelsea but perhaps he ran out of ideas. Without Drogba and Lampard we look mid table quality.

This is a BIGGER LOSS than all the players we lost over the past 3 yrs…

And he’s been forced to leave, after being FORCED to play an alien formation (Mourinho’s formation is 4-3-3/4-5-1, why switch to an open 4-4-2?) and been forced to accept a £30m flop but denied transfer money for other buys that he wanted. Nice one Abramovich, thanks for the money, no thanks for everything else.

224 User(s) are reading this topic. Wow.

Seriously hopes this is wrong, I honestly think I’ll cry.

I think Jose quitting is a combination of both frustration at the board and frustration at certain of his players.. The board meddled too much in his affairs… Why I am pissed off most is that the board should have let him be till the end of the season before letting him go or should have done this over the summer.. SO where do we go from here… A few of those players came because of Jose (together with the money)… This is a sad, sad day.. About to go get drunk…..

me , did not see this one coming , if it is true I am absolutley gutted. Can’t believe the club have allowed this to happen.

We will now be a laughing stock for sure. Other teams fans can have a laugh, Chelsea let Jose Mourinho go, that is just stupid. Bye bye silverware bye bye.

I can’t believe this is happening……………….. I dont know what to say…. I’m in total shock…..
my god…..

If I was Roman I would be fairly fed up. We are a weaker team now than in 2005 by a distance despite bringing in more and more players. The club has gone backwards over the last 12 months and it is difficult to ignore that fact. Roman didn’t become a multi billionaire by waiting for things to happen. It’s a sad day for Chelsea but we’ve been here before.

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