The most unique Kadazandusun pop song ever produced

Kinatu Anggidau wrote, recorded and released what should be the most unique Kadazandusun song ever last year. If usual pop songs deal with love, this guy tackled a topic never done by any Kadazandusun musician before: life insurance.

The song features Sabah’s own guitar god: James Sami.

If you like it, please support local musicians: buy the original.

The first verse roughly translates as follows:

I am an insurance agent

Moving around to earn a living

Meeting people to explain why they need insurance

Relatives & friends, please understand the need for insurance

If not, you might regret it later

4 thoughts on “The most unique Kadazandusun pop song ever produced

  1. Not only in songs, when it comes to life insurance, as far as I notice, our people sadly still have a very negative perspective of it, don’t you think?

  2. You bet its an unusual unique song!
    Hahahahahahahah this is the first time I ever heard a song about life insurance.
    In KaDus, and plus! it’s a SERIOUS song.


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