Destined to be a Sabahan cult favourite: Baha Tungau’s “Aramai ka”

Warning: Proceed at your own discretion. The usual disclaimers apply.

Permission has been obtained from the composer/performer to publish this song here.

7 thoughts on “Destined to be a Sabahan cult favourite: Baha Tungau’s “Aramai ka”

  1. Hi Ben,

    First time reading your blog. I like your interesting blog.

    But I have something to say about the 50th Anniversary logo at the bottom there? Sabah joined Malaysia only in 1963 lah. I am a Sabahan. I think Sabahan should boycott this celebration? No?

  2. Or we can celebrate it in 2003, Sept 16, not Aug 31.
    Why until today, Malaysia still can’t get the history right? Why is it so difficult?

    By the way, I like this remix version of Aramaiti.

  3. This issue was “debated” quite extensively in Daily Express last year, with no clear action plan in sight.

  4. I think technically since Sabah is a part of Malaysia, regardless of the date of us joining Malaysia, its only logic for us to celebrate malaysia day using the date that malaysia as a whole gained independence right? the states in USA also join USA at different dates but they still recognize one date as their independence day isn’t it?

  5. I am no expert on American history, and I could be very wrong here, but when the Americans first declared their independence, the name of the nation, even though the number of states is less than it is now, is already “United States of America” right? In contrast, on 31st of August 1957 it was either Federation of Malaya or Tanah Melayu which was declared independent, and not a country known as Malaysia. Malaysia only came into existence 6 years later i.e. 1963.


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