Exclusive expose: illegal construction on Tanjung Aru beach

I discovered, and had photographic evidence of unlicensed sandmoving right on Tanjung Aru Beach in broad daylight last month which happened in full view of the general public, right under the noses of the authorities.

A huge mound of sand ready to be illegally transferred on lorries. Note the proximity to the sea:


Witness the sheer destruction of our precious beach. What an outrage!


An aerial view of what appears to be a huge open-air mine:


Upon closer checking, I managed to apprehend two workers who at first did not even notice my presence. Note the heavy equipment being utilised right in front of STAR!



9 thoughts on “Exclusive expose: illegal construction on Tanjung Aru beach

  1. apalah kau jefferi…. hahahahhaa

    Ben, adakah patut si jefferi cakap kau saya… hahhaha

    sia pun macam si Cindy… kotigok abis2an. good one good one.

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