Wrestling superstars dead: Eddie Guerrero, and now Chris Benoit

Update 28th June

Benoit and Daniel, then 4 years old, in 2004

Benoit celebrates winning Wrestlemania XX in March 2004 with Eddie Guerrero. 3 years later both are dead.

Where at first WWE paid tributes to Benoit, now it has made an about turn – withdrew support after it was clear it was he who committed the murders.

Background of killing, as reported by various media:

  • Since 1997, more than 60 current or former pro wrestlers, all younger than 45 years have died.
  • Daniel was mentally disabled: suffered from Fragile X Syndrome, a rare medical condition: can lead to autistic-like behaviour and dwarfism: no cure.
  • Nancy recently had surgery on her neck – was in pain – it was difficult for her to take care of Daniel at the same time
  • Nancy wanted Chris to be home more often but not to quit wrestling: he was on the road most of the time
  • Days before deaths, they argued over difficulty in caring for Daniel
  • Daniel adored his dad: pictures of him all over his bedroom
  • Chris may have had other “significant mental health issues” not related to steriods use

New details on killings:

  • Daniel had internal neck injuries, no visible bruises, hence apparently killed via chokehold. He was found face down.
  • Nancy had bruises on her back and stomach. Hence apparently Chris put his knee on her back while pulling on a cord around her neck. She was found face down, wrapped in a blanket.
  • Chris wrapped a cord attached to a weight machine around his neck. He then released the weights (about 240 pounds, roughly the same weight as him), strangling himself.
  • Chris was supposed to go to Texas on Saturday night for a WWE Smackdown event.
  • During the weekend, Chris made groggy calls and sent SMSes to co-workers:
    • Saturday 3.30pm: said he’s late catching his flight to an event in Texas, due to “family health issues”. In a call he said “I love you” to a co-worker, who called it “out of context.” Other calls: Chris said his wife and son were sick with food poisoning and had gone to hospital. Last phone conversation was at 6.10pm; he kept insisting he’d make the event later that night.
    • Sunday: sent SMSes to friends using his and his wife’s handphones in a 5 minute spell starting 3.53am. The SMSes told of his house address, the location of the dogs and which door was open. It was like asking people to come to his aid.
  • Between Nancy’s death and Daniel’s death, what went on his mind? A theory: “he killed Nancy, so he’s going to jail. Nobody’ll take care of Daniel.”
  • It’s not “roid rage” beacause the killings went on for several days.
  • On Monday 12.45pm, WWE asked police to go to Chris’s house. At 4pm, police confirmed they have entered the house and found the bodies.



Years back, when I was really into watching WCW and WWF (WWE) wrestling, these 2 guys were my favourites. It’s sad to read that apparently their use of illicit or performance enhancing drugs contributed to their demise. Both died relatively young: Guerrero was 38 and Benoit 40. They were apparently best friends: Benoit was the first non-related person informed of Guerrero’s death back in November 2005.

Crime scene: Benoit’s house at Fayetteville, Georgia, a suburb 20 miles south of Atlanta:

The following have been reported by various media, to be confirmed as more details emerge:

  • Benoit’s taking of anabolic steroids contributed to his suffering from “roid rage”, which could’ve made him fly into uncontrollable rage and harm his family
  • His wife, Nancy (a.k.a. Woman), 43 was also heavily involved in wrestling as a manager, but quit the business years ago
  • On Friday (22nd June), Benoit tied the wrists and feet of his wife before strangling her in a family room upstairs. There was sign of struggle: there was blood under her head.
  • On late Saturday (23rd June) or early Sunday (24th June), Benoit smothered his only child / son, Daniel, 7 in his bedroom. No sign of struggle.
  • He placed a closed bible near each body
  • No suicide note
  • He sent 2 text messages to acquaintances Sunday morning:
    • one said his wife and son were sick.
    • another (to a neighbour) said the door to the house was open and that the pets were outside.
  • Between late Saturday and early Monday, Benoit went to his basement gym and hanged himself with the string of a weight machine
  • Bodies discovered Monday afternoon
  • There have been mixed responses: some paid glowing tributes, some condemned Benoit for murdering his wife and son.


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4 thoughts on “Wrestling superstars dead: Eddie Guerrero, and now Chris Benoit

  1. I love his Crippler Cross Face… His fast & aggressive in the ring although it’s an Entertainment.. It needs strength and skill to do his move.

    I still remember he won his first World Heavyweight Champion during the WrestleMania 3 years ago when Triple H submit his crossface.
    Eddie Guerrero appear after he won the belt..

    Too bad, my both 2 fav. wrestler.. Guerrero & Benoit bluek just like that..

    May his soul rest in peace.

  2. The main reason I moved away from watching pro wrestling is the element of staging / faking of it all. However, there’s no denying that wrestlers in general are fantastic athletes.

    We all hope his soul can rest in peace – it’s common knowledge that people who suddenly died, especially those who committed suicide have problems adjusting to the afterlife.

  3. That is very true about the suicide case on the afterlife.
    I don’t often watch the WWE but still this is a very shocking

  4. I think not many have been informed that Benoits death, and the murders have also been linked to brain injury. WWEs former wrestler and Harvard student, Chris Nowinski brought up this point. After repeated concussions. THey have made studies on pro football players who have commited suicides as well. So I would not just point my fingers on the steroid use. I would be blaming the grueling schdeuling of wrestling with no offseason. But ofcourse the media will not make a huge deal about this, but blow steroids out of proportion for us. Feeding us that he did it because of Roid Rage…I blame the concussions. However, if Benoit re-did it he might have still wrestled, or atleast taken more time off.

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